March 28, 2011

Wear it :: Movement

Movement. Do you ever think about it? I think about it a lot which you probably wouldn't really know reading this blog. I spend a lot of time poring over pretty images and things I think are cool but I never really share how cool I think movement is. We spend most of our time in some kind of movement yet we never really think about it and what powers it. This weekend I spent lots time thinking about it and how to articulate it to others. I'm now training teachers in the Pilates method. Wow. Working with clients is one thing but training teachers is such a big responsibility, I'm honored and I'll be honest a little bit scared. But right now I'm feeling excited!  So in honor of my excitement I won't bore you with details on movement but maybe what you'd wear to move, at least for Pilates.

Details HERE

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Full House said...

Wow that would feel a little intimidating. You will do such a great job. I was thinking about you and your fitness skills this weekend as I am trying so hard to integrate fitness back into my life. My sister is doing that crossfit thing and is trying to get me motivated. Any suggestions of wise fitness guru..

xx - CB