April 29, 2010

Love it :: Found.

Tonight is the opening of a new local store called Found, it's the new baby of Dan and Kristin Alber of Domestic Bliss fame. Domestic Bliss is one of my favorite local stores so I can't wait to see what they offer at Found.

Opening Night Thursday, April 29th 6-9pm
166 West Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201

I don't think I'll be able to make the festivities tonight because the husband is working late and I don't really think it's a kid party. Boo! So you should go, and if you do have fun and tell me all about it!

{Found photography by Allison Tyler Jones}

Do Something

Step away from the computer.

Buy a pair of shoes, take some pictures, mail a letter or make something tasty. Promise you'll be happy you did.
{photo credits unknown via Beauty File, Etsy Storque, Asche Tumblr, This is Glamourous via Paris Hotel Boutique}

April 27, 2010

They quit?

Weird, I just noticed today that a couple of bloggers are wrapping it up. No more posts, they're done. It' seems like blogs have about a two and half year lifespan. Every now and then I wonder if I could quit my blog. Then I think hard and even though sometimes it seems like I find little to talk about, other times it's strangely therapeutic. I would want to go and write and I would have no place to do that.

What I have found for myself is that the longer I blog the less I care about what other people think of it. I'm not a brand, I'm not selling anything I'm just some random woman rambling. I don't have an agenda, but with that being said I do enjoy it and it has surely become part of my life. It's not quitting time yet. But I can see the appeal of less face time with the computer. So if you're a blogger do you ever wonder what life would be like if you were blog free?
{image from vi.sualize via Running Mommy}

April 26, 2010

She's back

Are we happy now that Chuck and Blair broke up?

{via EW.com}

Black and White

Morning loves. What do you think black and white today with a little pink thrown in for good measure? I kind of have black and white on the brain because I have been busy with a black and white themed event but thankfully now that it's over I have a little more time on my hands. Whew. So what's new tell me all about your weekend?

{Windsor Smith from House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Living Etc via Absolutely Beautiful Things}

April 22, 2010

Take your medicine!

It's been awhile but here's a quick dose of pretty.

{via Remodelista}

Happy Earth Day!

So let's all do our part to make our Earth a happier, healthier place. Whether it be carpooling, eating less meat or getting rid of junk mail every little thing helps. What do you say?
{from Brocante Home via Mary Ruffle}

April 20, 2010

Love it :: Brights

Loving the bright colors found at Live House, gorge no?

{images by Jason Grant via Real Living}

Cheese? Really?

How do you get your kid to stop saying cheese? Because this is what happens.

It photographs more like, "Arrgh, I'm a pirate" wouldn't you say? No matter how many times I just tell him to do his thing so I can take a candid he just can't help it. It's the say cheese compulsion.

April 19, 2010

Monday already?

This weekend has gone by in a blur. Saturday morning started off by doing Pat's Run with friends, my first attempt at running more than three miles at a time. I was pretty surprised that we ran the whole way, next time 10K? Well we'll see about that. Yesterday we went to a BBQ with friends that was the best possible way to cap off the weekend. Lots of laughs with wonderful food and company.
I'm sad it's over and think I need a nap to catch up.
{image via Mary Ruffle}

April 16, 2010

Gold Rush

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but the new fabric is printed with gold. Yum. I love all things shiny. And while we're on the subject of gold this early birthday presey came and they're adorable (and way comfy). My husband and I are headed on a trip to Cabo in a month and I wanted them early so I could bring them on my trip. Thankfully Mom came to the rescue and ordered them.

Thanks Mom!!

Lee Jofa Groundworks Oshika

Do you ever get in the mode where you begin to hate everything in your house? I'm kind of feeling that way right now. I'm ready for some new art and new paint but budget constraints usually keep my redecorating urges at bay. Today though I feel very excited because I purchased 8 yards of this gorgeous fabric from The Designer's Attic.

Have you been there yet? It's all of Shannon from Pink Wallpaper's leftover goodies and it's now one of my favorite stops. It's like a race, with her being on the East coast and me on the West, if she posts early I don't get the jump. Yesterday I got lucky! So now that it's coming to my house what shall I do with it? Ideas?? Do tell. I think my bedroom is where it belongs.

PS - Honey if you're reading this, it was a smokin' deal that was TOO good to pass up. Like really good.

April 13, 2010

Oh Sue, I've missed you!

Yippee! Tonight's Sue made my day and has me breathless for next week.

You all should know by know that I LOVE Madge!! Paired with Sue? Genius!

Love it :: Red

Did you all know that red is my favorite color?

{from top images from moriahfreed flickr via Audrey Hepburn Complex, Douglas Friedman Photography via Coco + Kelley, danske's flickr via Ruby Press, Le Blog de Betty}

April 12, 2010

Perfect weekend.

I had the best week with my kids at the beach and I was thoroughly inspired this weekend at the Pilates on Tour conference. I was flattered to be asked by my mentor to assist her at her presentations. Sometimes you just need a little recharge you know?

With that recharge came a tired brain and body. Need some coffee and a minute to relax.

April 7, 2010

Pinwheels Kate Spade style

Have I mentioned that I'm slightly obsessed with Kate Spade's pinwheels?

{oops, forgot where I snagged these images}

April 6, 2010

To the beach

FYI, I'm on vacay with the kids so posting might be light. Don't worry I'll be thinking of you when I'm up to my ears in squabbles and sassy talk.

{image via Southern Accents}

April 5, 2010


Every now and then I stumble on something so cool I wish I could just hop on a plane and head there! That's how I feel about Moomah. At first I was all "ooh and ahh" over the interiors and then as I dug a little deeper I wished that the kids and I could stroll over for the afternoon. Really a beautiful space to eat, play, create and learn? What a good idea.

Of course this place is in New York which should really come as no surprise as the coolest kid's places are always there or San Francisco. I live in the Phoenix area, land of the strip malls and chain restaurants. As much I wish there was something close to me that would have a philosophy and style similar to Moomah's I wonder if it would succeed?
{photography by Kim Cornielson via Remodelista}

April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful day darlings!

Love, Sarah

April 3, 2010

Drink it :: Curry-Spiced Bloody Mary

I do love a bloody mary with brunch and tomorrow is Easter after all. This one might have to make it on the menu.

{photography by Mitchell Feinberg via Epicurious}

April 1, 2010

April Food Day

Instead of playing pranks this year let's do something a little more philanthropic, it's fun and makes you feel good. The food banks are a charity that needs your help year round so please take a moment to think about those less fortunate than you. Here are a few facts:

  • Feeding America is annually providing food to 37 million Americans, including 14 million children. This is an increase of 46 percent over 2006, when we were feeding 25 million Americans, including 9 million children, each year.
  • That means one in eight Americans now rely on Feeding America for food and groceries.
  • Feeding America's nationwide network of food banks is feeding 1 million more Americans each week than we did in 2006.
  • Thirty-six percent of the households served have at least one person working.
  • More than one-third of client households report having to choose between food and other basic necessities, such as rent, utilities and medical care.
  • The number of children the Feeding America network serves has increased by 50 percent since 2006.
  • Feeding America food banks provide food and groceries to 33,500 food pantries, 4,500 soup kitchens and 3,600 emergency shelters.
  • 68 percent of pantries, 42 percent of soup kitchens, and 15 percent of emergency shelters rely solely on volunteers and have no paid staff.
  • 55 percent, are faith-based agencies affiliated with churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious organizations; 33 percent are other types of non-profit organizations.

Please take a moment to check out Feeding America's website or the April Food Day blog and most importantly the
Thank you to Meg at Pigtown Design and Chris at Easy and Elegant Life for working so hard to make April Food Day a success.