March 2, 2011

Laundry or errands?

Dude I'm ready to pull out some hair. I've got piles of laundy and here I sit lollygagging. I have mucho to do today and I can't manage to pull it together. It's a very carefully orchestrated dance of procrastination. I really need to work out to get rid of all of this stressy energy but do I have the time today? I'm one of the chairs for Big's big school fundraiser so I'm feeling the heat, it's Saturday. It's a little earlier than normal because at a parochial school there's no partying during Lent so this year it's bright and early. So I have lots of annoying errands to run, details to tie up and then I can't stop thinking about the piles....And then to top it off if I'm doing something I can't just hop into bed and go to sleep I have to unwind for an hour or so in order to just get to sleep. I get insomnia when I have things on my mind and things to do. Oh and let's not forget Little's big 5 year birthday is tomorrow. Crap. I guess I should go and get some presents or something.

I won't kid myself, sorry honey it's the laundry that's going to have to wait! See you kids at the gym.

{This picture from Dillon Kyle has nothing to do with anything it just looks like a fun place to hang, gossip with my girlfriends while the guys bbq and the kids play hide and seek. Wanna join us?}


Luvs2dance said...

Since I don't have to do the laundry at my house I'll come and do yours... SMILE!!!!

Hang in there ;)

rustic rooster interiors said...

Oh my... screw the laundry go the gym & buy some presents for the little one. I'm so with you on wanting to get back in bed for a few more hours. Good luck! It will all be over soon!!!!! :)

lemondropdreams said...

I know exactly what you're going through! My kids go to parochial school also and we have an auction every year in Nov. I was in charge of the class projects, K-8, and they bring in a substantial amount of money. Basically nothing got done around my house from mid-Sept to Nov. We all managed to survive, although it was touch and go! The laundry can wait til Mon.!

Fun Today said...

The laundry will not remember if it is done or not. Keep a list, write to do's down as you remember them. Sometimes getting them off your mind and down on paper is enough to let you sleep.

Erikah said...

That does it! After the fundraiser, I'm buying you a glass of wine to celebrate success, to pulling out uniform shorts from the hamper, and my big 4-0!!!