April 28, 2011

Where I'm at

Hi all, sorry for the radio silence. We're actually out of town on vacation and I planned on blogging from the road but on the drive over we found out that a very close friend of ours had unexpectedly passed away. It is my husband's oldest friend, the God father to our oldest son and an honorary member of our family. We are heartbroken and trying to keep it all together because we haven't told the kids yet and figured we would cross that bridge when we get home.  So for now I'm enjoying the sun and will be home and back to blogging sometime next week. 

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April 22, 2011

Easter Ideas

I didn't do any special craftiness this year for Easter, I'm bad. Monday we're headed off to Carlsbad to for Big's spring break so we're busy packing, getting the house ready for the house sitter and doing the Easter grocery shopping. Which totally reminds me I need to go to the store, ugh it's going to be totally packed. My aunt called me and left a message asking where the Easter posts were so I guess I dropped the ball but here are a few things just for her. Easter is a holiday where cuteness abounds that's for sure. Maybe Saturday after the groc I'll have some time to knock out some of this crafty stuff.  Here are a few of the adorable Easter things seen around Blogland.

Eggs filled with grass so cute but maybe a little late in the game, file it away for next year.

Darby (the egg and grass girl) always has cute ideas and I loved her Easter story cookies last year and maybe I could do it with the shrimps tonight. I think it would be fun for Little.

Peeps S'mores. Cute and more importantly easy.

Send an adorable message via Eggogram.

It wouldn't be Easter without Martha so here's one of my favorites of hers. I'm a sucker for jars filled with stuff.

What are you guys making for your Easter meals?  We have a huge family gathering with all of our family; mine, my husband's and my brother-in-law's, it's awesome. No running from place to place, the kids get to see all of their grandparents in one spot it makes me very thankful for having such a cool family.  The past few years we've done omelet stations in addition to the usual fare and this year my mom is making her famous Eggs Benedict. I will be assisting her on Benedict duty but I will also be bringing Ina's Sour Cream Coffee Cake which is delicious and pretty and a Green Chile egg thing that I always make for those that don't like Eggs Benedict (which I think is near impossible but to each his own).  So what you have going on, what are your family Easter traditions?

April 21, 2011

Be bold

I love neutral palettes with bold colors. Totally goes with the warm weather don't you think?

This last image totally just reminded me of my love for overdyed rugs. Totally on my fantasy list.

Marchesa on the carpet

This morning while scouring the web for images of the new Marchesa bridal line for The Invitation Lady I spent a little time dissecting the Red Carpet looks for Marchesa. A few things I came away with:

The Fanning sisters are beyond adorable. We thought Dakota was sweet well her little sister Elle is stunning.

The whole world loved this dress on Olivia Wilde and I did too but for some reason every now and then she reminds me of a bug. Which is weird because I think she's pretty, so am I the only one who occasionally spots this?

I've forgotten how much I like Jennifer Lopez. I don't watch American Idol so I haven't been able to see her looks there but I do love how she always looks fabulous on the red carpet. I'm sure her look is planned to death but it always works and she dresses her body to flaunt it's strengths. She wears her clothes not the other way around.

Anyone I've missed?

{all images from Marchesa}

April 19, 2011

Live like Sheryl Crow

Last summer when Elle featured Sheryl Crow's New York apartment we all swooned. It was warm, quirky and had life.

Now we all really want to be friends with her because her Hollywood home that was featured in Architectural Digest is equally inviting.

With teepees for the kids and outdoor tents complete with electricity doesn't that just scream for long conversations and jam sessions? Sheryl I'm your girl, I promise I'm fun!

April 18, 2011

Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn

Did you all know that Little eats next to nothing? Unfortunately one of his yes foods is popcorn. I don't mind giving him popcorn as a snack but I do mind all of the additives in microwave popcorn, gross. Yes I know it's an easy fix just get an air popper...but I always hesitated because I really don't need one more thing to clutter up my kitchen. Happy day now because my friend Christina makes her kiddos popcorn like this.


We tried it today, success!  Here's her recipe.

Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn
1/3 cup popcorn kernels
little bit of olive oil

Add all of the ingredients in the bag. Fold the bag over twice and sit upright in the microwave. All microwaves are different but I would just cook on high between 2 and 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

{image via Feed Me I'm Cranky}

April 15, 2011

Birds, scones and weekend plans

There is this bird that has been driving me bonkers for about a month. His weird little wake up call is beginning to wear out it's welcome. Since I was up early because of  the bird and was feeling like a nice mom I made fresh scones for the littles. Fail. Well success for me and fail for them. I'm always trying to master scones. Finding the perfect recipe all while trying to be a teeny bit healthy using half whole wheat flour. This is tricky business because using whole wheat flour often makes baked goods a bit heavier than normal with a nutty flavor that is sometimes off putting to little pickies. So today's recipe had the perfect texture but apparently wasn't sweet enough for the shrimps, arrgghh! I was even being extra nice and made glaze to go over the top and put chocolate chips in, oh well back to the drawing board.

This weekend I have a few things on the books which includes a Moms Club (for Big's school) Spa Night function at a local salon (I won't lie, I'm totally looking forward to a mani, pedi and glass of wine tonight), the usual Saturday morning teaching and dinner out somewhere TBD for my father in law's birthday. Speaking of which I need to do some research on where to go for a fun adults only dinner out. Locals, any suggestions? What do you guys have going on?

On another note I know this picture really doesn't have anything to do with what we talked about; but since I spent some time in the kitchen this morning I thought I should at least include one. I originally saved this Elle Decor image because I love they way they displayed their children's art. I have a big soft spot for kids art. The chairs, fixture and floor isn't bad either. My question is where do you stand on all the fabric being one pattern? It makes a statement that's for sure but it's not my favorite, too much. Are you of the mind a little is good but a lot is better a la Mary McDonald? Just curious.

April 14, 2011

It's Pink

I adore hot pink and so when I see pink chairs I get all sorts of happy mixed in with a little bit of wanty.

April 8, 2011

Congrats my dear sis!

OK so she might kill me for doing this but today my sister has her White Coat Ceremony from Pharmacy School. I'm thinking this is like their last big hurrah before they go out into the world as real pharmacists to do their rotations. I'm eleven years older than her so I'm excited and proud of her and this is pretty much how I think of her sometimes.

{Ems on her birthday and that's me behind her in my bitchin' Guess overalls dress, funny}

Actually not too often anymore thankfully. During her freshman year of college she went to the Bay area to play soccer.I went out to visit her for a long weekend and when she could drive around San Francisco all by herself with no trouble I stopped thinking of her like a sweet little baby at her first birthday. Now she's almost a Doctor of Pharmacy which I like to tease her about endlessly, because I'm that annoying sister that teases her and still calls her Little Ems or Little Cutie. Anyways congratulations my dearest darling! 

April 5, 2011

Just a little hood stalk

Are you a home stalker? Do you slowly drive through neighborhoods with the type of home you long to live in? If so good, you're in good company because I do this often. Well not lately because of the time factor but I do enjoy a little home stalking tour.  Anyhow during my hood stalks I often wonder what people are thinking. Case in point, how could they turn a charming bungalow into this?!

And imagine my surprise when I realized that this house, one I've often been puzzled over is Dorie's house! Dorie is a local blogger (who I've never met but did share these pics) who decided this house needed some love.

Much better right? See more of her transformation here.

April 1, 2011

Blog Crush :: Dinner, A Love Story

I first found this blog when Mamacita kindly told me that I NEEDED the Time for Dinner Cookbook. It would change my life or something. I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't bought it yet but don't fret Mamacita it's been in my Amazon cart since you mentioned it. I need to buy something else with it to get the free shipping, I'm cheap like that. Anyways I've loved it ever since she tuned me in and these illustrations and descriptions in A Picky Eater Taxonomy crack me up every time I look at her Picky Eating label.  

Big is a combo of The Negotiator/The Pint Sized Paggro/The Starch King of Starchy McCarbLand
Little is easy he's The Refusenik.
What are yours?

{image via Time for Dinner by Jessica Zadnik}