June 14, 2013

Clean and Graphic

Today I'm doing it backwards, I usually write a post and then find pictures that seem to match the mood. Today it seems that I'm just posting some pretty and while I'm getting the images together I might find something interesting to say. 

These pictures are kind of how I hope my summer goes, clean and simple. It's been nice so far but it's only been a week. Am I too crazy to hope it keeps up? Yes I know I'm freaking bonkers. It's OK, please let me keep on with my illusion that I will have the perfect summer.

I do post more of my day to day on Instagram so follow me there too my handle is @sarahsfabday. 

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June 13, 2013


There must have been something in the water yesterday because in my neighborhood every street was filled with fix-it people. I saw air conditioning repair, water heater replacement, solar panel people (I want!) and for us refrigerator fixers. Ugh. We had a fun pool day planned at a friends (they must have totally seen my earlier post) and when I opened the freezer to grab some nuts for a salad and it was a frosty mess in there. Sh*t!!! Anyhow my girl took my kids anyway while I wasted to the day waiting for the fridge fixer. So thank heaven for friends that will take your kids and for speedy repair people. The only sucky thing is that the repair ate up my pin money that I was saving up for the painter. I know, painting isn't that hard, but it isn't that easy either. I don't like to redo things because of my DIY incompetence so I usually just pay someone to do it right the first time. So while we're on the subject of repairs, home maintenance, etc. here is one I need to try from Pinterest. This window cleaning project might have to happen this morning.

It looks as though it got a positive review and I have a huge window with no treatments on it right now so it looks skeevy. My kids are 9 and 7 how do they still manage to get hand prints all over everything? The dog is off the hook because she jumps up to see in sometimes, I get it I'll let it slide.

Update: I just cleaned the windows and the no squeegee thing, not so hot. I ended up redoing the window with the squeegee but the good news is that the Jet Dry addition to window cleaning solution makes things really easy. So even though I had to work a little harder I still give the recipe the thumbs up.

Sidenote: Do you watch Girls? Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it but I always find myself watching it, I adore that silly Shoshanna. Have you seen the parody? Ha!! So funny. If you like the show you have to watch but if not know it's NSFW. Just giving you fair warning.

June 7, 2013

I'm bribing, any takers?

We don't have a pool because  I didn't want one when the kids were little. I was too scared of what could happen when they weren't good swimmers but now I long for a pool. No pool means we're at the mercy of our kind hearted friends and family. I will be calling begging for the brood to come over. I certainly don't want to wear out my welcome so we'll be the family bearing treats. Here are a few of the things that might be coming up this summer for pool bribery.

Any icy cocktail always works right? A libation will loosen anyone up even for my little crazies. I'll take on that challenge, I'l be the one who brings the good drinks! Mango Jalapeno Margs, Strawberry Rhubarb Sangria? Umm, hells yes.

Wanna keep things lively? Play Uno. I'm telling you to bring the cards! It fool proof.

Bocce works too but cards are more my style. The dudes seem to like it though.

If all else fails sweet treats! Homemade ice cream if possible. There is NOTHING better. I'm partial to Summer Peach but Mexican Chocolate (with Almonds OMG) also sounds amaze.

Summer motto : Be Prepared. 

June 6, 2013

Summer Syndromes

Most of the people where we live are already out of school. My kids are still slogging away at these last few days. There's been lots of end of the year activities so I don't know why they're just, "soooo tir-ed." in the morning. I guess its just the I'm ready for a break syndrome but then I need to prepare myself for the I'm bored syndrome that will probably follow. Normally I have a few camps lined up to keep them occupied but this year I haven't done it. I just can't bring myself to sign them up until we're all ready to go crazy in this house. Hopefully it's more than just a week or two. You know how you can tell that your kids are just ready for a break? Usually the first two weeks of summer are great for us and since we ended school later this year, we're headed on vacation shortly after our 2 week grace period hence the no plans. This is an experiment my friends, please don't kill me when I'm ready to go crazy in a few weeks.

How do you spend your summers? Is each week thoughtfully planned out or are you the more spontaneous type? 

June 5, 2013

White Sneaks

For some reason this summer all I can think about is clean white tennies. I get oh so tired of Havianas and sandals. 

white sneaks

What are you craving this summer?

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