March 11, 2011

Leisurely mornings

So today is a mini Spring Break for Big and regular old Spring Break for Little and it was our first day to wake up a little later, no lunches to make and savoring those first cups of coffee. Nice. Not to mention the hanging out with a buddy for Big and me finally catching up on much needed housework.

These little game thingies can sync up when they're playing next to each other, how's that for a cool toy?

Who's for having nothing scheduled? It's like heaven I tell you. So what makes the perfect leisurely morning for you?

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Janet Ellis said...

Looks like you have a couple of happy boys there :-). I've been an Empty Nester now I think for as long as you've been a mom :-) but I'm still all for leisurely mornings and I guard them fiercely. My perfect morning whether I am here in the desert, at the beach, or out east are the same. Starts with a morning cup of coffee, the pups jump up and cuddle in for prayer, meditation. Then they watch my yoga practice and we follow that up with a walk...and breakfast. I don't schedule anything before 10am. No coaching sessions, no haircuts, doctors, etc. etc. There's one exception; when a friend calls for coffee at Starbucks...I'm there. That makes for a pretty perfect morning too.