June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!

Should be easy enough right?

Today we're taking the kids to Cars 2 and as you know Little will be in Heaven. I just realized I forgot my camera at home. Rats! I guess it's camera phone pics for this vacation. We're expecting  lots of friends to join us at the beach today so as much as I love the cloudy cool weather a little bit of sunshine for the afternoon would be nice.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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June 23, 2011

We're off!

Everything's packed so we're headed off to the beach!

I'm dying for some cool weather. Literally. The kids were so excited that they couldn't sleep last night and what I couldn't say to them when I was begging for them to get into bed was, "Me too!"

{Actually we're here but I couldn't post this yesterday morning because Blogger was being a temperamental b*%#h.  Arggh Blogger, get it together}

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June 21, 2011

Hello flowers

Nothing like cheery flowerboxes or flowering vines to welcome you home. Now if only summers would look like this in Arizona.

June 15, 2011

I NEED a new kitchen table stat!

It's official my kitchen chairs are falling apart. Sucks. Not that I'm not excited at the possibility of new furniture because there's nothing more exciting to me than new furniture, it's the finding the perfect thing at the perfect price. Oh the woes of a shopper on a budget and a family with two kids that still seem to get yogurt all over everything. (I find that s&*t everywhere! Seriously how does yogurt travel so far? Sorry I'm straying.) I've thought about getting a bench for the boys at the kitchen table, but then I think of how hard it is for regular (tall) adults to try and swing their long legs over and then I think not so smart. I think I've come up with the good old World Market solution that yes has been seen umpteen times but I still like it. Thoughts?

Starting with this

adding two of these at either end

and finishing the table off with four of these.

It's summer and I'm not so ship shape

How's summer been treating you so far? I'm still getting used to the go-go-go of summer activities of two boys instead of just one. This summer Little has all sorts of things on his schedule which make for some juggling (which I'm not always the best at) with Big's stuff too. Seriously the weeks have flown by! The first month of summer I don't really mind the doing nothing because the kids really don't say I'm bored too much it's the last weeks that start to make me crazy.

I have done little to no summer cooking, my laundry looks like it's enough for five people (that's just my stuff) and I've been all about town looking like a no-makeup wearing ragamuffin. C'est la vie, next week I'll be better.

{images via Sunday Suppers and Pinterest}

June 13, 2011


I could hang out here. You?

Love it all.

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June 2, 2011

Double cuff

How do you feel about the double cuff look? Personally, I love it.

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June 1, 2011

Summer vacay is here

The kids are home....all day. It's summer vacation. (Cue scary, foreboding music). The first day of summer vacation was um, interesting. We shall see how the summer progresses with two crazy boys. None of the activities we have signed up for have started yet so we are just hanging out, unscheduled for now.

{We could try this while eating these. There's #1.}

I think I need to cook up some activities for when there's the lull and the "I'm bored" rears it's head. Actually it's usually just Little who's saying it. He's used to having his twin cousin with him most days and when his brother is doing his own I hear it often. So tell me what are you all doing this summer? Ideas, kids' activities?It doesn't at all have to be kid related I mean come on, we all want to live vicariously through someones fabulous plans.