December 31, 2008

New Year's Goals

So do you do the resolution thing? Honestly I usually don't but sometimes I decide to choose one thing that I can focus on really following through. Honestly sometimes my goals are really tiny and silly but this year I have two that are biggies and they go hand in hand. I mean the usual eat healthy, exercise more, well those are like an on-going thing so I'm not going to count those.
This year I have two:
1. Organize my closet. It's a disaster and after 8 years of marriage I'm finally feeling sorry for my closet mate. My biggie is keep it neat and tidy for the whole year. It's going to be tough but hopefully I can pull through.
2. Edit my clothing. With the earlier organization I would like to try on all of my clothing and fix, keep or toss. Not to mention come up with some go-to outfits so I don't always look like a mommy on driving duty.

So what do you think, do-able?

[image via Domino]

December 30, 2008

Glossy Black Doors

You know when you have a project buzzing around in your head it can drive you crazy? Well I have been salivating over painted interior doors and it's about time I did something about it. I think it would be a great update to my home. My doors are nothing great the 7 foot builder special like this one.

Now here are my inspiration photos for my project from the always adorable Nate Berkus. I'm thinking glossy black.

[images via Desire to Inspire]

This is a project that I know I will taking on myself and I'm not much of a painter so do you think this is one best left to the pros? I don't have white or creamy walls do you think it will be too much? Now let's talk paint what are your favorite brands.

Please, please advise.

December 29, 2008

The City

I'm so watching this tonight, are you? Do you think it's going to be good like The Hills before it jumped shark, I'm crossing my fingers.

[image via MTV]

December 27, 2008

Reclaimed treasures

When I see interiors like this it makes want to run out and find all sorts of reclaimed treasures. I'm obsessed with the dining table and chairs, not to mention the drawers.

[image via Remodelista]

How was your holiday?

Whew! It's been a wonderful and crazy couple of days and I hope that your holiday was just as merry. I'm just trying to do a little catch up around the house, my husband went on his annual family boys trip to Laughlin to make some bets on the bowl games and the kids are happily playing with their loot.
What's on the agenda for this weekend? I got a new toy for Christmas and I need to settle in and figure out how to use all of the bells and whistles. I know the kids are probably going to be nuts with me and a camera in their face for the next couple of weeks but oh well.

December 23, 2008

Get in here

This Christopher David Ryan print expresses exactly what I'm feeling right now for all of you that commented on my Cans for Comments. Any of you that shared what you thought I should buy, you'll be happy to know that those items are included in the food that is being donated.

I'm hoping to make this a yearly tradition here on this blog and hopefully next year I will get oodles more comments. My 4 year old, my 5 year old nephew and I are on our way to drop off the donation. I'm hoping to make this a learning experience for them too. Love to all of you!!

Are you falling for January?

Have you gotten all of your January magazines yet? I'm sure you have, are they taunting you with the organizing taglines or are you just enjoying the holidays? I admit I love looking at all of those organizing articles and pictures only because I'm not that organized. It's like the holy grail or something.
New Year's is right around the corner peeps and pretty soon we are going to be taking all of those holiday decorations down and have a fresh new start. Well it feels that way for a few days anyways. So please share with me some of your easy (this is key) organizing tips. These don't have to be home specific, they can be anything so share away.
[image via Country Living]

December 22, 2008

What to do?

Just when you think you have it made of course you find out you don't. I thought I had avoided getting the kids' sniffles and alas now here I am with a cold just in time for Christmas. Other than that our weekend was super busy. We hosted a brunch on Saturday morning and a family dinner on Sunday night. After everyone left last night my husband and I sat on the couch sharing a piece of pie [strawberry-rhubarb, natch] talking about what a great weekend, but sooo tiring.
So now it's Monday 4 LONG days until Christmas. What do you do with littles who are now excited about presents and Santa to keep them occupied? Any suggestions, believe me I'm open for them.

Please don't forget about my Cans for Comments, I'm keeping the comment section open through today so please tell me something cool!

December 19, 2008

Cans for Comments

I just saw this idea on Blue Orchid and decided that it will be the perfect holiday helper-outter. I always donate to a local food bank during the holidays but this year I think this will be a little more fun because you will be helping me out.

Please leave lots of comments and I promise not to pick out anything gross! Happy Holidays!

[I guess I should specify I will buy one can of food for every comment, so all you lurkers out there please say hi or what you think I should buy.]

December 18, 2008

Yay a sale!

Apparently I have magpie syndrome (thanks for the diagnosis Courtney), I like all things shiny. I think that animal print can also be included in that little condition. For the most part I prefer simple clothing but I admit I like to accessorize with more exciting shoes or handbags. I think of metallic or animal print as more of a neutral especially when it comes to shoes.

Which is why I have been wanting these. I think they would be perfect to spice up a LBD. I know these could be walking a fine line but think Ashley Olson not Pamela Anderson. They're on sale...I think they might be appearing in my closet sooner than I expected.

December 17, 2008

Be simple

I love the Poster Children series on ReadyMade. This one is especially good, a new mantra for moi.

[via Emily Style]


If you can't tell I've been in a blunk (blog funk) I can't seem to keep a thought straight in my head lately. I have so much going this week I'm constantly thinking of what's next on the agenda. So I thought I would take a minute to say a very public thank you to one of the coolest girls I know. Lisa is one of my Pilates clients, not only is she super funny and nice she's also a cooking baking genius.

And a fabulous knitter.

Last night I was pleasantly surprised with my bucket o' cookies and coffee to go with them. Lisa I'm in heaven, yum! Thanks again for being so cool.

December 15, 2008

Night night

I hate it when I have nothing to say. Honestly. I have been a big blabbermouth my whole life so when I don't have anything to share it feels well, weird. All day I have been wondering, "hmmm I wonder if I can find anything, a cool to share a room, some random Etsy goody" and the answer is no. So I'll just say nighty night and hopefully tomorrow will be a brand new day filled with some random TV talk or coveted handbag. Hopefully this will give some sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams found here.

I'm back

Whew! A quick trip and I'm back. Friday afternoon I went to Kansas City for my sister's graduation (she got her MBA) woo hoo! It was great hanging out and relaxing. Not a kid in sight, unless you count her kitties.

When I got home late yesterday afternoon I met the fam for a quick bite and then we headed out to look at Christmas lights. Perfect ending to a great weekend. Anything exciting happen on your end?

December 11, 2008

Light my fire

For some vintage eye candy head over to Remodelista's post on vintage lighting sources. Delish.

A Christmas favorite

I wish a had a cup of this right now, it sounds yummy.

December 10, 2008

She wants to play pattycake

Last night while watching Real Housewives of Orange County I realized that the new housewife Gretchen has an affliction that is bound to drive me crazy. She's a babytalker. Ugggghhh!!!! Yes there is that many g's and exclamation points because girls that talk babytalk drive me crazy.

We've all had a girlfriend that suddenly develops a lisp and voice two octaves higher when a boy is around. Seriously girls, get a hold of yourself. Thankfully it seems as if Gretchen is not nearly as bad as the Queen of Babytalking, at least so far.

[babytalkers pics from here and here]

December 8, 2008


I actually saw this on a car today and I'm betting that the driver was also wearing Tinkerbell sweatshirt.

[buy this horrific car get up here]

I'm dreaming of a white winter

Yesterday it actually seemed like winter here, chilly all day long. It was nice but also a good little bridge for a trip I'm taking. This weekend I'm headed to Kansas City to visit 2 of my little sisters so I know I'm in for a shock with the weather. Going from 70 degree days to snow. I really want to run out and buy myself some new winter stuff but I'm restraining myself because buying something for a 2 day visit isn't really practical but it sure sounds fun.

This scarf is just the kind of thing I'm thinking of, a cute hat and some gloves and I'd be all set. For all you fashiony girls I have a dilemma I really want a hat but with my short hair I have a couple of problems a.) I can look like a boy and b.) some hats flatten my hair and make it look I just rolled out of bed. So if you can think of anything that might work that would be great because I hate it when my ears get cold.

December 6, 2008

I Dream of Dessert

Happy day! One of my favorite food bloggers has gone and set up a brand new blog called I Dream of Dessert. If you were a fan of Cupcake Bakeshop you will be plenty excited about her new blog, lots of baking and not limited to just cupcakes.

Mini Matcha Whoopie Pies

December 5, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Here I am Friday night and I have no idea where anyone is...woo hoo! I have a nice glass of wine and have a minute all to myself, peace and quiet. So nice I must admit.
It won't last long we are quite busy this weekend but I will certainly enjoy it while it lasts. What do you have up your sleeve for this weekend?

[image via Desire to Inspire]


OK Santa since we're already on the subject of fitness one more teeny thing, I've been lusting after these for awhile. I think they would fit perfectly in my stocking.
xo - Moi

Wish List Vol. I

Dear Santa, I know this year it's probably not in the cards but you have to admit this would be perfect for me. Maybe next year? I promise to be extra good.

Love, Sarah

PS - Maybe you could squeeze in one of those new arcs to go with it?

December 4, 2008

Her Madgesty

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, loves it!

[image via Perez Hilton]

Bah humbug!

I'm bad. I haven't even begun to think about Christmas cards in fact I've been avoiding la la...if I don't think about it maybe it will go away. Or maybe it won't. Here's last year's card (which I loved), my grandma knitted the boys' sweaters and it's shots of them playing.

This year I have nothing, not much of a budget, no good photo or even a good idea. Anything, ideas??

[all photography by Rhonda Lewis and card design by The Invitation Lady]

December 3, 2008

Eames Elephant

When I first started writing this blog I posted the question "Do you or don't you?". I'm wasn't trying to be all cryptic I just wondered what sorts of things people bought their children in terms of toys. I admit I buy what the boys like even if it doesn't always go with my design sensibilities, but this guy is adorable and has a face even a mother could love!

December 2, 2008

Arugula, Bacon and Gruyere Bread Pudding

I'm not sure when I would make this but it sure looks good.

[via Epicurious]

December 1, 2008

Have a movie night

As if there aren't enough reasons to go to Target, run there now! There's tons of good movies there for mere pennies [well almost]. While I was there last night I picked up an oldie but goodie, the movies will be perfect for that after Christmas hangover when you and the fam are wondering what to do.
**Update** If Christmas movies are your thing, the darling Mama BJ put together a list of all the goodies with dates, channels and times so you can set your DVR.

Fa la la la la

Just so you know I'm a Christmas music freak, I will listen to it everyday from now until Christmas and not get sick of it. Weird I know and quite annoying to others but I can't help myself it's such a cheerful time of year. My husband and I went out last night and did a lot of shopping for the kids, just a few more items and they will be done. Woo hoo! This brings me to the tree, everyone out there has such a strong opinion I'm dying to hear all about your tree.

We have one artificial tree [easy] that has colored lights. "Colored lights?!" you say? Well my favorite things are blown glass ornaments and I try to do a kid tree and colored lights look best, believe me I have tried both. At some point when our living room isn't the playroom I might consider doing a more elegant tree but for now this is my favorite. From this picture you may be able to tell a couple of things, the expensive glass pretties are half way up, at the bottom are the kid friendly character ornaments and lastly that my camera* is on it's last leg.

So please tell me all about your home holiday decorating! If you want send me a picture of your Christmas decorating I would love to post it.

*I rarely post my own pictures because my camera is almost dead, so expect more of my own photos after the holidays. Santa might be bringing me an exciting Christmas surprise.