January 8, 2013

Pool anyone?

Every January the blogs are filled with resolutions and goals, mine included. But I think for me that this year is the year of the house. This blog is going on five years which totally blows me away but I think that it's time for a little less inspiration and a lot more action. I have this large front room that has served as the play room since the boys were babies. I have a dining room table, buffet and a sofa and the rest has always been kidland. It served it's purpose and still does. The boys still have mean balltag games but I'm thinking it's time to add to our room.

So here's my thought, move the family room into the large front room and make the family room more of a game room. I know some of you might gasp at why I would think to put a pool table, TV, video games system but with two boys getting older every day I want them to want to be here. I want them to be able to bring their friends over to hang out, I want to be the fun house...or should I say the-in-the know/fun house. This is all in the planning stages and probably won't happen in the next few months but I think this is where I'm headed. Seen any totally awesome not too manly game rooms? 


January 4, 2013

I'm feeling refreshed

So how is 2013 treating you so far? Me, good. I love that my new year started out with some studio meetings and that this weekend will finish with Pilates workshops. Ironing out details for the upcoming year and getting invigorated by the other teachers is really what the doctor ordered. Mama needs this.

So last year the family motto was, "can do". What should this year's be? Got any suggestions?

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