March 8, 2011

I'm dieting

A few months ago a couple of us local bloggers (Jaimee, Christina and Marni) toyed with going on a blog diet. You know that bloated, jaded feeling you get with all of gorgeous interiors, blogs filled with stuff that makes you want, want, want? We thought it would be fun get rid of that feeling together. Take a break from the pretty that leaves you satisfied for a minute but like that crazy sugar rush leaves feeling like you've crashed and burned. That feeling of needing more, ick who needs it? So I think for a week I'm going to try and stay in the moment and snap some pics with my phone and blog about what really leaves me feeling content. A blog diet, healthy and happy stuff only.

{See what I mean, doesn't this make you want to go out and buy a cabinet just to fill it with gorgeous shoes?}

Anyone feeling like joining me? One week it will be fun.  In one week we'll all be feeling skinny and gorgeous by the end of it, I just know it!


SGM said...

I did that about 2 weeks ago and it helped so much. It's kind of like a cleanse. :) Good luck!

marni zarr said...

the cabinet filled with those shoes and the pink guitar, yes please! :)

Luvs2dance said...

Not only do I want, want WANT the cabinet - that would only allow me to justify purchasing totally gorgeous shoes to go in it - YIKES!!

Lookng forward to you "real" life photos!!

Erikah said...

How's the diet going? I looked at my pink countertops in the kitchen and really wanted something new.

Aaron said...

Definitely a good idea to turn your wanter off every now and then.