March 25, 2011

Have some fun!

Don't you think turquoise is such a cheery color? I think any rooms that have it just seem fun. Because I'm sure rooms just wannna have fun too don't you think? Any big plans for the weekend? Tonight it's the Jayhawks game, with my sister, her husband in town and my brother being alumni, it's our must see. Then this weekend it's a pilates workshop for me, I'll be working so please go out and have some fun in my honor!


Luvs2dance said...

LETS GO KU!!!!! Have fun at your workshop :)

SGM said...

ooooh, as another KU alum, I am totally giving them the secret handshake in my head right now!

Just kidding, no secret handshake, just chants that no one understands. :) Have fun watching the game!

marni zarr said...

... hence the tweet! got it :)

lauren said...

Hope the workshop went well and you had a great weekend!
xoxo Lauren