May 27, 2011

To Do :: Long Weekend

Aaahhhh!! I've been working a lot (which I love) but it's kept me away from you lovelies. So this is what I'm thinking for the long weekend.

{Yes that's Kara Janx from Project Runway}

All On The Line, the best fashion show on TV that you can catch on the Sundance Channel. It's hosted by the coolest cat out there Joe Zee. Seriously peeps this is good stuff. Not like my Bravo cotton candy, it's an actual meal and it's delicious.

My interpretation of the Citrus Cucumber Margarita from True Food Kitchen.
Citrus Cucumber Margarita
(for one cocktail)
1 shot silver tequila
Juice of 3 limes
Juice of 1/4 clementine
2 tsp. simple syrup (you could use agave syrup instead)
Splash of club soda
Garnish with 2 cucumber slices, 1 clementine slice and some torn fresh mint.

Thrifting with friends. Do you thrift? I'm so hit or miss. Usually it's a miss but I have a friend who always hits and with clothes (I know) and I'm always amazed, so I must go with her to pick up some tips.

The Pomegranate Cafe, if you're an East Valley Phoenix local you must try this place. I'm obsessed. It's delicious and so healthy I want to pat myself on the back after I eat there. Like them on FB and here's the link for the latest menu. I had the Green Garden Protein Bowl this morning for breakfast, soooo YUM.  

Turquoise Sparkle Polish, One of my pilates clients this week has been rocking a glittery turquoise pedi and I'm so jealy. I must get this fabulous polish immediately. You know I don't wear blue except for turquoise especially on my toes so I'm excited to make a blue exception.

May 24, 2011

Goodness :: Leigh's Blankies

Sometimes you just can't help but be proud and amazed at the goodness of some people and I feel this way about my friend Andra. A little over a year ago she lost her life-long best friend in a car accident and in a tribute to her friend who was a nurse at Phoenix Children's Hospital she created Leigh's Blankies. You can read her inspirational story here about the hows and whys it all came about. She wanted to give children without much hope the secure feeling that a blanket provides so Andra began making these blankies. It's been so fun watching how these cozy flannel blankies have travelled locally and all over the world to China and Haiti making a difference.

{Leigh's Blankies}
{Andra with her crew}
{The blankets in Haiti}

Follow Andra and Leigh's Blankies good work HERE, I hope you're as inspired as I am!

May 23, 2011

Just a few things

I still not sick of maps. Love 'em.

This idea is the coolest. I don't know where I would ever try it but I really want to. Gold painted faux moulding? Yes please.

And lastly are you watching Real Housewives of New Jersey? I had broken up with it but now I'm back after watching the premiere episode. These people are nuts and I'm suckered right in with them. Here is a little taste of what you're missing. Meet Theresa's brother Joe and his wife Melissa. They are the newest cast members and they're walking into the church for the baby's christening. Yes, wearing something more appropriate for a night out in Atlantic City. These people never cease to amaze me.

Catch up on the brills recap by our favorite SGM.

May 16, 2011

Make it :: Lyon Roasted Chicken

I know big deal Roasted Chicken (it looks fabulous), but I loved how AmberLee at Giverslog decided to make it after reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast. Deciding to try something based on what you've read in a book is not only fun but a tribute to a great author if their words have made you long to try what they're eating.

I'm currently in the middle of A Moveable Feast and I adore it. I should say I've been in the middle for about a two months because I started to read it just after reading The Paris Wife. I decided that I needed a break from the Hemingways so I could really get to Ernest Hemingway's voice without Paula McClain's mixed in there. So I'm back to A Moveable Feast and I'll admit I never really wanted to read Hemingway. I've always read the classics but I've always skipped works by him, his larger than life, macho persona preceded his novels and turned me off. Anyways Ernest sorry I gave you the blow off because you're pretty cool despite your boozy philandering. I might even make a chicken in your honor!

{image and recipe from Giverslog}

May 13, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Arrrgh, for the last day Blogger has been on the fritz and it's so annoying because I think this week is the first week in eons that I've tried to post everyday. You try to tend to your sweet little blog and they screw it up. Thankfully it seems as though we're back on track, so I apologive for the interruption. So I know I've mentioned that I'm on Pinterest (follow me!) and now Rikki and I are posting to The Invitation Lady on Pinterest, so follow us there too! Lots of home, fashion and party inspiration that can be found in one bitchin' spot. You'll love it, I promise it's addicting.

{an example of the awesomeness to be found on Pinterest!}

If you want an invite to join Pinterest email me and I'll send one over pronto so you don't have to wait!

May 12, 2011

Secret spaces

Don't you just love outdoors spaces that seem like they're a secret?

May 11, 2011

Just a couple of things

Today I was a lucky girl and had a couple of hours to myself so I decided to run up to Phoenix to hit those store that I can't when I have little sidekicks. I picked up these fabulous vintage glass jars. I wish I had taken a better picture because they're really cool.

Then while we're on the subject of stuff what shall I do with these corbels? I have four. Any ideas? My mom brought them home from Nebraska for me last summer but they've just been sitting in the office, sad that they're all alone.

Oh and one of my favorite things is since I have these guys,

I always find these guys of some sort in precarious positions all over the house.

 It makes me laugh every time, well almost as long as I'm not stepping on one.

May 10, 2011

Wear it :: Neon

This isn't one of those trends that I dread because I wore it in fifth grade, I'm loving it! Neon makes me happy. I dig how they're wearing it this time around. No black, it's neutrals and navy.

May 9, 2011

Warming up

How was your Mother's Day Mommies?  Mine was good, my kids were sweet but I was beat. Is it weird that I'm happy it's Monday? We had a very busy weekend so today has been my catch up day. Little is done with school and I'm a little sad, it's official he's a big kid headed to real school. Cry. 

It's hot here already but I imagine those of you that live in chilly places are excited to see the warm weather am I right? I'm looking forward to the lazy days of summer vacation that's for sure.

{images via here and here}

May 3, 2011

Coming up :: Mother's Day

I just realized it's Mother's Day Sunday. Gulp. We usually host the Mother's Day festivities at our house and this year it isn't any different so I should probably call all the mother's huh? So for my present my husband called our former cleaning lady (when I worked) to give the current cleaning lady (moi) the week off. Yay. Yesterday I also did something I normally never do but I told the kids to tell Dad that I wanted cycling shoes for Mother's Day. Hehehe. I'm so tricky.

Also I think for this shindig I need some new table linens or something to brighten up the table. What do you think of this table by Eddie Ross as seen in In Style or the pop color in the napkins from Coco + Kelley? All I know is my linen closet is sucking right now and it needs some new things.

And what should we serve? Any wonderful ideas? Oh and for cocktails I think it's high time I actually try Lillet Blanc. (You know the drink that all the bloggers were gaga over like two summers ago? Yeah that one. I'm late to all the cool parties.)

May 2, 2011

My itinerary

Well I wish. A nice hot bath followed by a long nap.

It is not to be today kids. I actually NEED to hit the gym, I've been a bad workouter lately. So bad you might be able to hum a little ditty about me not fitting through the bathroom door. So Monday here we are again. ugh. 

{via here and here}