March 23, 2011

Do it :: Garden

When I moved to the Phoenix area I distinctly remember seeing yards that had green rocks. Apparently the low water way to have a lawn. How hideous is that? This is what you should do in the desert if you have a green thumb!

Isn't it pretty? On another note I originally saved this photo on Pinterest if you want to go and check out what I have pinned and lots of other gorgeous images.


marni zarr said...

love succulents, the look is so refreshing!
speaking the look of your pinterest board!

paula said...

I LOVE this! I have some succulents, but I am thinking I need to add way more.

Luvs2dance said...

There was a house across the street from the Elementary School I went to a LONG time ago that not ONLY had the green painted rocks - the rosk were also GLUED DOWN!!! I know, beyond HIDEOUS!!!