December 27, 2012

It's almost here

I can't say that I'm sorry to see 2012 go. There were lots of very wonderful moments including a trip of a lifetime but for me personally 2012 was a toughie. I like to think I'm a glass half full so I'm betting that 2013 has to be good. 

Wishing you all the best in the coming year!


December 18, 2012

Shoulders away from your ears

Not the best title of a post but I say this day in and day out. As a Pilates teacher almost everybody comes into the studio thinking of stresses of their job, their day and family life and naturally their shoulders creep up around their ears. A lot of this is also from the hunched over "I'm on the computer all day" posture but it's also just the worries and anxiety that keep us from feeling our best. Not only do I say this to others but to myself all the time. 

With the sadness and tragedy in Newtown and the stress of the season please take my advice and take a deep breath. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, close your eyes and fill the front, sides and backs of your lungs with air. Appreciate today and be grateful for tomorrow.

December 3, 2012

Holiday Traditions

Every family has it's own traditions and things that they do to make the holiday season special. Holiday memories are always favorites so I try to do a few things that I remember as a kid and of course every family makes up new things as they go. 

  • I make hot cocoa anytime it's requested.
  • I waited it out as long as I could, but Jolly our Elf on the Shelf finally made an appearance last year.
  • I use my Spode Christmas dishes the whole month of December.
  • We do Zoo Lights every year.
  • I always spend a lot of time wrapping gifts so they seem even more exciting to open.
  • We do the Advent Wreath every Sunday night during Advent.
  • Watch lots of Christmas movies.

This is us, I'm curious about other families holiday traditions. There might be something that we need to add!