October 26, 2014

Have you heard?

New things are going on around this casa, Mama's got a new job. I'm back at with a big girl grown up job that requires regular hours. I have to say so far I'm liking it. The kids seem good with it and the Mr., I'm sure he loves it. So maybe this little creative outlet of mine will start to serve a purpose again. Having something new in my life has made me feel refreshed in other ways. So no I won't be whipping out the sewing machine or baking cookies for everyone in the neighborhood but I will be more thoughtful with my time. I've found when I have less time, I'm more creative. So hopefully I'll be checking in here a little more often. 

For now I'm feeling nesty and ready for fall so let's bring on the brown butter cinnamon rice krispy treats and hot cider! I'll just  pretend it wasn't 97 yesterday.

(PS - I used this picture before however it was perfect for today's post. A little recycle, no big. )

January 22, 2014

Latest faves

Winter to spring is happening fast here in AZ. It's been beautiful and sunny in the 70's but I'm missing the little bit of winter that we do get. So I feel like my cold weather clothes have gotten very little wear this year. The best way to dress here is layers; the 37 degree mornings that quickly morph into a warm sunny day need great transitional items. Here is what's on my list for this Arizona winter.

Here's what I've been digging. Simple earrings with a fancy back? Sign me up. I've been living in a blazer and tee the past few months. Need a pulled together, quick, chic party outfit? Check! Trust me on this one. Spring sunnies this year must involve the colored mirrored lenses even better if they have a cat eye. Lastly I'm missing short hair, I'm ready for something a little edgier. 

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