February 27, 2009

Don't hate me because it's 80

The weather here today is going to be bee-you-tee-ful! Before you cold weather peeps get sad, it will be hot as Hades here before you know it. Like opening an oven door hot. So we have to get it while the getting is good! This is what's on the agenda for today: laundry, cleaning and haircuts for the boys. The haircut part is what I'm dreading, little 2 year old boys and haircuts just don't mix. It involves a lot of screaming and head holding, sucks. We have let his hair grow for a while because the process is such torture but when they start to look like they have a mullet it's time. So haircuts we go!

What I would really like to be doing is wearing this dress

And eating the picnic that Hollister and Porter ate which included: a baguette, marscapone, fig spread, sorpressata, prosciutto, sourdough and artichoke hearts. YUM! I would like to include my husband on this little picnic with the appropriate beverages maybe some Pellegrino and vino.

What may happen is the kids and I might toss some PB & J's into grocery sack and head to the park. Not quite as exciting but they'll like it.
[picnic basket image via flickr]

February 26, 2009

Breakfast time!

I adored this kitchen on Material Girls, if only I had the green thumb to make window boxes flourish.

I'm thinking it would be the perfect place to make these.

February 25, 2009

Bobbin Bunch

Last weekend I was browing Anthropologie and tried on this simple necklace and now I'm trying to decide...Too granny or fun and springy?

Let's help Zach and other kids too!

For those of you reading in Arizona I would love your help, I don't know if you're a letter writer but this is one of those times that letters are needed. This is a post from Amy asking for our help and support for children with disabilities, one more letter could mean so much!

Please Advocate for Zach and OthersNever in my life have I been so effected with State budget cuts made in response to our economy. For the first time my family is experiencing what it means when children with developmental disabilities no longer receive services due to budget cuts. Zachary has been receiving physical, speech, occupational, and developmental therapy four times a week now since about 1 month of age. He now will no longer receive any therapy funded by the State. Therapy is crucial for him. He is still not sitting, holding a bottle, eating food with his hands, or playing with toys. That's not to say he hasn't had his accomplishments. He has worked hard with his therapists and can now lift his head, eat baby food, roll over and he has started "babbling." To put this in perspective, Zach is one year of age as of the 15th of this month. He desperately needs these services to be given a fair chance of basic skills such as eating, walking and talking.We have asked so much from you this last year. We have appreciated your prayers and support more than you know. We are asking once again for your help to advocate for Zach and the other 4000 families in this same position. I have enclosed directions and a sample letter to encourage your legislator to reverse this decision. Thanks again for your support.

Amy's sister Andra has posted a sample letter and links to find the legislators in your area.

February 24, 2009

Kindle 2

I'm not a techie but I have a crush on the Kindle 2. My husband and I went to Hawaii a couple years ago and I read the two books that I brought and made him stop at a bookstore to pick up a couple more. It would have been so much more handy to have my picks all loaded and ready to go on this baby.

Do any of you have one? I would love to hear your feedback.

[image via Gizmodo]

Elizabeth and James

I have been fawning of this Elizabeth and James blazer for quite some time, so I decided to take a looky at their website. Check out fun photos and fabulous clothes. Sigh.

February 23, 2009

Love it or hate it?

I haven't watched the Red Carpet yet from last night it's waiting on my DVR but I did catch most of the show. I must admit I was quite surprised the usually lovely Reese. My first thought was her makeup [yikes] and that her dress while different and quite pretty maybe wasn't the best choice for her figure.


February 21, 2009

Cookie problem

You bad, bad cookies! Quit calling my name...

Especially you Thin Mints!

[image via Flickr]

February 20, 2009

I need some magic

The other day I drove through a shower of pink blossoms. It was a windy and bougainvillea were all over the road, it was just so pretty and perfect. It was one of those quick magical moments that you can't capture.
I'm hoping that today is one of the magical days too.
[image via flickr]

I'm on board

Robert Pattinson you're lookin' good with the short hair. You all like? I know this is kinda teeny bopperish of me but that's me loving the celebrity gossip.

[image via Perez Hilton]

You should see me...

Remember my lofty goal of coming up with a few go-to outfits? Well it never happened and my mornings are so annoying. Today since we don't have to go anywhere I put on some workout clothes to motivate me to perhaps hit the gym (or just do the mat workout at home). I'm sure what will actually end up happening is that I will schlepp the kids to the park, then I will do some cleaning my clothes may not ever really see a workout today.

Do you ever find yourself in a clothing rut? What do you do to perk up your outfits?

February 19, 2009

Vicki, Vicki, Vicki...

Last night I watched the season finale of RHOC and ugh I really now totally dislike Vicki. Let's just be honest don't we all have a friend who likes the limelight? It doesn't change the fact that she's cute and fun she just likes a little extra attention, no big it's just her. So why does Vicki have to be such a smug-faced b*#%h? Thoughts?

Smugness courtesy of Scented Glossy Magazines which incidentally has the world's best recaps of all things Bravo.


Anyone need a good dose of cheer? This should do it.

I'll also include the link to the recipe for an Orange Aperol Sun which sounds insanely delish and has prosecco. Which I'm pretty sure has a cheer factor of 10.

February 18, 2009

OMG I almost forgot!

I can't believe that I almost forgot...today is my one year blogversary. I just want to say that this year has been so fun, full of inspiration and cool people. What started as a practice round has turned into something completely different a place to share ideas, gossip about TV, our love for design and just to have fun. Thanks everyone who checks in with me it's been so fun "meeting" you and if I haven't officially met you yet make sure to leave a comment. Thanks again lovelies you're the best, je t'aime!

[image via Cup of Jo]

Novel way to watch TV

Totally different and a little genie. I love the television on an easel I think it's the perfect spot for it. Makes me want one just like it, I wonder where you can find an easel like that?

[image via House Beautiful]

February 17, 2009


Fashion + Weather = Feather. A new fashion blog by one of my favorite bloggers Melisa from The Lil Bee; perfect for those of us who can't decide what to wear. She has a daily dose of fashion based on the the forecast so you can't go wrong.

OK so those of us desert dwellers may not need the coat but it's easy to adjust as necessary. Go check it out!

February 16, 2009

So lovely

I'm dreaming of hanging out here.
Fantasy courtesy of Remodelista.

Tippy Tip

Am I the only one who didn't get the memo about the handy push tabs on boxes of foil or plastic wrap? My life just became much easier.

Share your tips in comments I'm sure we could all use all the help we can get.

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies!

[image via My Life...My Loves]

February 13, 2009

Address Stamp

I've been looking for an address stamp for awhile and I think I've found the perfect one! Hand calligraphy and type, so cute.

Domino it's been fun #4

Share the love

I wish I had seen this sooner, I would have snapped it up for my little. Perfect for Val's Day.

[via Cool Mom Picks]

February 11, 2009

Olivia dahling...

Dear Olivia,

While you are so doe eyed and pretty if you're intending to be a serious actress please at least try to look like you care when people are talking to you [it's called acting]. Halfway through any conversation you start to look like you just want to say, "Shut the hell up". Hel-lo you're on fauxality TV and I want to start liking you.


PS - Please stop subjecting us to that sleazy cousin of yours he's GROSS!

Taking all ideas

Ugh, it's Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong I love the red and pink, the hearts, the cards I just don't love trying to figure out something fun to do for the family. Should I make a Valentine's Day brunch, dinner? Maybe I should just do a cute, kid friendly table and make something everyone will eat. Any ideas because I'm stumped.

[image via martha]

Domino it's been fun #2

Thanks for sharing Jenna Lyons fab home...

February 10, 2009

I feel a little weird

I went to kindergarten information night last night. I feel weird and kinda sad. I'm sure it's super exciting for my big but I can't believe it's right around the corner.

[image via flickr]

It's been fun

Since Domino is ready to peace out, I thought it would be fitting to post some of my favorite images throughout the week.

February 8, 2009

Weekend Recap

It's over but that's ok I'm looking forward to Monday. We had a great weekend! Saturday morning the littles and I went to a darling Little Lovebug Valentine's Party hosted by Kim. We had so much fun, so thanks Kim! Saturday afternoon my mom and I hit a few furniture stores and hit the jackpot with a local secondhand store. We were laughing because every time we found something really good it had a sold tag on it. I know if I go back often I might be able to find a treasure for myself. To top it off the littles and I had a dance party at home to Britney before they went to bed.

My Sunday was a little more mellow, lots of cleaning and a family birthday party for my wonderful hubs. What did you do this weekend, anything super fun?

[image via martha]

February 7, 2009

Why do I love Bravo so?

You all know by now that I will watch any s*&t that Bravo is selling and I really, really, REALLY want to know how Patti's hair is always so shiny? I'm sure she gets a blowout before she tapes but still, her hair is like otherworldly shiny. How does one get such glossy locks?

Just for the record her hair is always as shiny as example shown; every episode. Oh and just be honest if you were single would you be one in the Millionaire Matchmaker's stable? I mean come on with guys like the Roller Skater/Documentary Film Maker would you really do it?

[image via Bravo]

February 6, 2009

Bad, bad

Sorry I've been a bad, bad blogger today but had a few things cookin' today. The boys and I met my mom for coffee, then came home and did some cleaning, went to a meeting and now I think I'm going to cuddle up with my new magazines and a glass of wine. Cross your fingers that I won't have to make dinner and my husband will give the boys a bath.

Maybe later I'll have something really juicy but until then, ta ta.

February 5, 2009

Will you be my Valentine?

I love the vintage, folksy letterpress designs for the Valentine's from Dutch Door.

February 4, 2009

Clean and Bright

After posting my lame closet I need to post something pretty and clean. Darryl Carter will do just the trick.

[image via Southern Accents]

Closet Take 1

After a bit of prodding I'm actually going to post my closet. This is what it's looked like since I cleaned it up. I'll admit usually there were shoes everywhere and the clothes were not organized by type, it was a total mish mash. I did have my pants and shirts separated but that's it, now it's a bit easier to navigate.

My half of the closet February 4th

Since I've done the sharing bit I've decided to post a picture of my closet at the beginning of each month since one of my goals was to keep it neat and tidy for the whole year. I promise if it's messy I'll post it, but I'm really hoping it will look good. I can't believe I'm typing this...cross your fingers that I keep it up because I don't really want to have to post a train wreck.

Saturday fun

Yay, now that my dishwasher is fixed I feel as though I can do more pleasure cooking than the bare minimum. I've actually never made cinnamon rolls but this recipe looks easy and good and I know the kids will love them Saturday morning.

[via Epicurious]

February 3, 2009


A long time ago I posted these wanting to make some myself. Well as usual it took me forever to do it and finally here they are. Ta da!

It was one of my new year's goals to actually make them so I'm pretty happy. So far so good on the goals front. I did organize my closet in case you all were wondering and now all I have left is to paint my doors. I've bought the paint I just need to designate a good weekend to do it. How are the goals going for you good or just so-so?

Thanks friend

This is Seleta

This is her beautiful home (and she has 4, yes 4 kids).

This is what she said to me yesterday:
Oooh, I hate that "transition time" with offspring after a trip. It's rough. I'm throwing out a few ideas for cheer.

Option a)Retail therapy binge and purge. Scope a favorite store and find something expensive and glam. Try it on. Put it on hold. Leave. Go home and pour a glass of wine or bake brownies.

Option b)Meet a friend for lunch or mani/pedi. If that's not an option I'll settle for a chatty phone call

Option c)Glass of wine after kiddo put-downs and go play in your closet. Plan the next day's outfit; pick out something you wouldn't normally wear on a regular day. Clearly the least expensive and most creative option.
Besides, everything feels better with wine on a partially empty stomach.

Option d)Internet retail therapy. Very dangerous. Don't recommend this one. Just ask my Visa statement or husband.

I just have to thank her for making me laugh on one of those days. She has become one of my favorite blog friends and her humor and style are infectious so make sure you check out her blog daily, it's a goody.

Thanks Seleta for being so cool!

February 2, 2009

The Mondays

Normally I don't mind Mondays but today I have a mild case of them. Our dishwasher is broken and I'm still waiting for the part to arrive to fix it, enough said. The boys can't seem to get along, at present they're separated so fixed for now. Lastly I'm still a little bit sad about the Cards losing the Superbowl. What do you do to cheer yourself up [when shopping therapy isn't an option]?

[cheeriness supplied from here]

February 1, 2009

Our weekend

It was wonderful, this smile should say it all!