March 24, 2011

Entries and a game

Ahh, the glorious weather! Yes it's the time of year that all you cold weather peeps are jealous of. We have bright, sunny gorgeous days that people come from all over to partake in. (Now their driving...that's a topic for another day.) Anyhow my sister and her husband flew in to go to a few Spring Training games so we're headed out for a day at the ballpark. (Total side note but I don't think I ever shared mys sister's wedding pics on this blog. I know I did at The Invitation Lady but in case you were wondering THIS is where we went in November. She was such a gorgeous bride!)

So to continue with the total randomness of this post here's a couple of entries that I've had socked away in my picture files. Love them.


Luvs2dance said...

Have fun with little sis - have a beer and a dog for me!!!

marni zarr said...

gorgeous! what stunning photos and your sis is beautiful.
have a fun day at the ballpark. today i followed alberta, who putzed along, so i passed him only to be stuck behind minnesota, who i then changed lanes to escape from only to end up wearing down my brakes by "stop and go at the last minute" south dakota. these birds drive me nuts!!!

lauren said...

Have so much fun and enjoy the weather!
xoxo Lauren