June 29, 2010

At the beach

So far a little cloudy, but that's ok because Big and Little have been busy.

Big's been busy with Lacrosse and Little is doing his usual thing, snacking. And yes Little is wearing a character swimsuit and for the record if he could wear that outfit every single day he could. We all deserve to rock something that you think makes you look like the shiz don't you think?
(Sorry about the picture quality it's camera phone so I can quickly email them to the blog but the editing leaves a little to be desired.)

June 27, 2010


We were driving to San Diego on Friday and I was suddenly kicking myself for not buying a big bag of Fritos and a pack of Sour Patch Kids. Seriously what is it about a long drive that makes things you would normally never buy sound like the world's most delicious treat? At the gas station one of those God awful Hostess Fruit Pies looked good. What the hell?! Don't worry I didn't get one but I did get the Fritos and Sour Patch Kids and decided to throw in a bag of Reese's Pieces for good measure.

What's your favorite roadtrippin' vice?

June 24, 2010

Outta here!

We're headed to San Diego for our annual beach trip. Any shopping that must be done while I'm there? I'm taking suggestions.

I'll do my best to be a good beach blogger, TTFN darlings.
{photography by Elizabeth Messina}

June 23, 2010

The City

I haven't actually been watching The City but I happen to think that The Cut's recaps (a link to the latest) are a hilarious alternative. Nothing like succinctly summing it up with lines like this:

"Poor Erin. But we knew that Louise wasn’t to be trusted. She seems like the annoying kind of girl who will agree with whomever she’s talking to. One minute she’ll tell Erin Olivia sucks and the next she’ll tell Olivia Erin sucks. But at least the show has finally cast a person with an accent."

Thank you The Cut, your recaps are mighty enjoyable and with your witty repartee I feel as though I've watched the show myself with a best pal. And no this isn't a screen shot of The City even though Olivia is miserable on the show I'm obsessed with her personal style and apparently so is The Sartorialist. A show-pony (thanks Robbie) for sure! While we're on the subject of TV I can't believe I haven't talked about SYTYCD yet. Yikes. Soon I'm sure.

{photography by The Sartorialist}

June 22, 2010

It's a hot one

It's hot here this week, as in sizzling! Thankfully Friday I'm off to cooler weather for a week. So for now I'll be fanning myself and drinking something cool.

While dreaming of the beach.

{images from Martha Stewart and vi.sualize}

June 19, 2010

Mr. Oh Happy Day

I know we're all too familiar with the fabulousness of Jordan from Oh Happy Day but let's just talk about her husband for a minute. I've been in love with her husband Paul's landscapes for a while now but have you seen the pink 4 layer cake? I'm completely in love.

{4 Layer Cake, oil on panel by Paul Ferney}

June 16, 2010

Sugary goodness

Big has been talking my ear off about Reese's cereal so yesterday while he was at summer school I thought I'd make his day and buy it. When I showed him you would have thought that I gave him the world's best gift. It's not like he never gets sweet cereal are there really any out there that are sugar-free? Usually I just am a little less obvious with than blatantly buying a cereal whose namesake is a candy. But I remembered how much I loved getting this as a kid and decided that getting a treat cereal once in awhile is very, very exciting.

So what's in your cereal pantry? We always have Multi-Grain Cheerios and Cinnamon Life but I really wish we could find Strawberry Shortcake.

June 15, 2010

Grosgrain Napkins

Think we could make these?

At $135 for 4, I think we probably could. But seriously how cute are they?

{via Elle Decor}

My wish for the day.

You know those days where you have breakfast then just lounge about watching movies?

That's what I wish I could have today.

I'll be hanging with a sick Little, watching cartoons and playing lots of board games, which is a very close second.

{images via Design Sponge and Madame Cupcake via Mary Ruffle}

June 13, 2010

Fat + Tooth = Flowers? Well maybe.

It's already Sunday night? Wow, that weekend went by in a flash. So how are you all enjoying your summer so far? No stir crazy happening here yet which is good I suppose. I haven't gotten much accomplished from my list last weekend. I guess we worked on handwriting so that's a plus. I did attempt to get the black out fabric to line the curtains but when I went to the store they were all out, so that was a big fat fail. Don't you hate that when you load the kids up in the 100+ degrees to go to the store and it's a bust? Arrgh, so annoying. And while we're on the subject of failure I've been working out like a freak to once and for all get rid of that unbearable stomach fat that hangs on after kids and it's not budging. It's decided to stick around forever so maybe I'll have that dessert after all, what the hell right? And did I tell you that my darling Little hit his tooth and now it's a goner and it's gray? Things have been a little nuts around here with the fat and the tooth and all. Maybe I just need to smile and make myself and bunch of pretty posies.

Don't worry I'm not all complaints the littles and I went to church tonight and they were angels (which always makes my day). Then the three of us went out to dinner and they continued their angel ways all the way through dinner, tubs and stories. Bedtime was touch and go for a minute but I could forgive them for not wanting to go to bed because secretly I didn't want them to go to bed either, we could have all stayed up and played.
So enough about me, what's going on with you?
{image via decor8}

Father's Day Labels

You know I love a good downloable freebie, here's a goodie courtesy of Martha.

June 10, 2010

Symmetry or no?

As much as I love a good gallery wall I'm always a sucker for a symmetrical grouping.

{from top photography by Roger Davies for Veranda, Veranda via Margot Austin, Patrick Sutton via Desire to Inspire}

June 9, 2010

Aim to Miss

Have I told you all that my little sister started blogging? For now it's only a couple of posts about her summer pharmacy internship in Brno, but who knows maybe she'll get hooked.

The pharm where she's currently living the dream.

Eat it :: Confetti Ice Cream Pops

If I made these and whipped them out for dessert my kids would be in heaven. They're the kid size and covered with sprinkles, every little's idea of perfection.

{via Country Living}

June 7, 2010

Book List

I love it when things happen organically like tonight with Big and book reading. I'll give you a little back story, I love to read. I've always loved to read, I remember in first grade learning in the little reading groups starting with Rockets, moving to Surprises then the third one Footprints, it was like finally! Amazing what you can remember when you really enjoy something. Big had a book fair at his school a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a few new chapter books. He isn't reading chapter books yet but since I read aloud to the kids I decided that from time to time I needed stories with a little more meat than picture books. I usually stick to the classics, stories I enjoyed as a child that I think he would like too. We've read Stuart Little, some of Henry and Ribsy, a few Junie B's and The Magic Tree House series. This time I picked up Mouse and the Motorcycle and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We started with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I think we've both fallen completely in love (well me again) with it. Oh Roald Dahl, you are so good with words and imagery, I've forgotten and it's been a joy.

Last night we read two chapters and tonight since the story was so good we read seven. And I'll try to do my best not to cheat and read ahead so it's a juicy surprise for both of us. After every couple of chapters I would stop and we would chat a little bit about the story, like how some of the kids that got the Golden Tickets didn't seem very nice and how it was sad that Charlie was so poor and how fortunate we are, I loved that the lessons happened naturally and Big was excited to read more of the story. At the end of our reading session he was sad that we were done so I mentioned that there we movies too and it might be fun to watch them and then compare how the movies were different than the book. Then we decided that Big would write a little about the book and do some illustrations of the story (his idea, well the drawing part). It made my heart swell just knowing that hopefully the kids will share my love of books and reading. Now I just need to compile a list of those books that I think they will love. I already know he'll get a kick out of Ramona, the rest of Roald Dahl and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle any other suggestions?

Drink it :: Primarita

Saturday night we went to dinner at The Mission, I had never been there before and had the best time. The food and service were wonderful but the best part was that I came away with my new favorite marg, their Primarita. I'm totally going to be trying out their ingredients to get their perfect ratio for my 2010 summer cocktail.

{no this isn't me but it could be, I would be drinking this somewhere beachy too.}

Partida Tequila
Organic Agave Necter
Juice of 3 Pressed Limes
{image via vi.sualize}

Productivity = Zero

I totally thought this weekend I would get all sorts of things done and let me tell you I did nothing. This can not happen again. Arrggh!! Here's a few things on my June (and summer) to-do that I must get done.

1. Line curtains in Little's room, the early bird wake up call from him is driving me bonkers.

2. Hang curtains in office.

3. Find some new summer recipes to try.

4. Find Little a dresser. This has become next to impossible, I can't seem to find anything.

5. Work with Big on reading and handwriting.

{image from Lonny Magazine}

June 2, 2010

A little black and white

This cute little frenchie's black and white mug has me thinking that all black and white is a good thing.

{images via The Selby, This is Glamorous and Traditional Home}

Love it :: Liberty party

I'm mighty smitten with this summer party found at Once Wed. I love the paper fans she made from scanned images of Liberty prints.

I also dig how they repurposed old jars with a little colored chalkboard paint and used them for favors. (Confession: I save all of our old Trader Joe's preserve jars because they have a plain black lid just in case I need them.) I love that I could possibly use them for this purpose at some point. Nothing like having a couple ideas in the hopper to use at a party.

{Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis, images via Once Wed}

June 1, 2010

The perfect thing

This might quite possibly be the perfect black swimsuit.

{Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia via This is Glamorous}

It's officially summer

Hi June, I'm so ready for you!

What on your agenda for summer? Even though at times I might feel a little crazy with the kids at home I'm going to try my best to make our time together special because I know it goes by in a wink. So tell me what are some of your favorite summer activities that keep you and your littles from going stir crazy?

{image from Color Me Pretty at Decor8}