August 30, 2011

A week already?

So I guess I've made myself scarce this past week, sorry about that. Last Wednesday I had a little kitchen mishap which involved stitches so I've been a little off my game. My grand plans of organizing all of my piles and closets hasn't fared so well. That's ok I have plenty of time to procrastinate on that. In fact in a little effort to procrastinate some more I think I need to do/try/make/find the following items.

Chocolate Sorbet - Made by local lifestyle guru Jaimee. I must make this, yum.

Stalk the web for an astronomy print.

Read the following book.

Obsess about this handbag. I just noticed that they're selling the neon Cambridge Satchels at J.Crew. Thank you for making my stalking this item much easier.

Which kind of reminds me of this artist who I adore.

Hopefully this will keep me busy until the mood strikes to get productive again.

August 24, 2011

Read It :: Green Kitchen Stories

I love reading food blogs, especially veggie ones. I do my best to keep a healthy bend to my cooking so when I happen upon vegetarian cooking coupled with great photos I'm excited, new recipes to try! My latest blog crush is on Green Kitchen Stories. She's the recipe experimenter and he's a magazine editor; hence the great eye for styling and photography. They're cute, so go and read!

{all photos from Green Kitchen Stories}

August 16, 2011

Fall Dressing

When I save images to my computer or pinterest I usually just do it as I go and then when I browse what I've saved I can usually group them together in a way that makes sense. Like today while browsing I've decided that scarves and baggy sweaters must make it into the fall repertoire.

::images via pinterest::

August 11, 2011

Love it :: Ombre Wedding Gown

Since I blog for The Invitation Lady I often peruse the wedding scene and sometimes I'm totally blown away by the coolness of a wedding. This one had me at the bride's gown, (wow, which she designed herself). Love, love, love it!

The rest of the details from the venue to the favors are equally as ridic. See it all HERE.


Accessories are awesome aren't they? I looove a good necklace...or bracelet. Hell, I'm not that picky I just love big jewelry.

{via decor pad, made by girl, pinterest}

August 10, 2011

Want it :: Emerald

I know that Fall in Arizona doesn't mean much, it's a blink and you miss it kind of thing. Now that we're on the heels of it though I must get a few emerald accessories to transition into the cooler weather. Looks good with animal print don't you think?

{Stockholm Style via Glitter Guide}

August 9, 2011

Read It :: Always With Buttter

A girl after my own heart! It all started with this cake that I repinned...

A white poppyseed cake, yum and pretty! Then when I went back to click through to see where this bit of loveliness came from I was so excited because love gorgeous food, styling and photography (not to mention a fabulous name). I just can't decide what to try and make first.

{all recipes, photograpy and styling from Always With Butter}

Do it :: Work Out

Summer has not been kind to me my friends. I've spent little to no time at the gym these past two months. It has started to catch up with me in a big way so I've got to turn it around now that they're in school. I actually love working out but the gym I belong to has no childcare in the afternoons and the kids activities were usually in the morning during the summer so you know what that meant; me hanging out getting flabby, tired, etc., etc.

{via pinterest}

Just a few reasons to get you motivated:
1. Working out makes your skin pretty! Your skin is your largest organ, working out brings blood flow and oxygen to the skin and gets rid of all those icky toxins that get stuck in there.
2. After working out there is much less to feel guilty about if you have a treat or a glass of wine.
3. Buying workout clothing is fun. (Especially if it's from Lululemon!)
4. Working out makes you sleep better at night and we ladies need our beauty sleep.
5. If you're stressy like me, it works wonders.
6. The obvs, it's just good for you!

So who's with me? Anyone else getting back into the groove after a summer layover?

August 5, 2011

Lunches and some eye candy

Morning peeps, Friday already?! What's going on this weekend, anything fabulous? Me not really, but that's ok because we're just getting ready for the last weekend before the kids go back to school. School supplies, uniforms, shoes, check. Now it's back to thinking about the dreaded lunch packing. You've heard me commiserate over what to pack these last two years and now I have two kids to pack for. 

Easy you say? Not really so much. I have one who's pretty easy it's my newest little kinder who is the challenging one. Like ultra-picky, sensitive to food texture and looks, we went to feeding therapy kind of  kid. He's broadened his horizons considerably over the summer but I'm getting scared for the lunches. I'll just stay positive, for now. So instead of thinking of ice packs and sandwiches I'll think of pretty homes and where I wish I could live.

{images via pinterest, Lonny, La Dolce Vita}

August 4, 2011

Take it outside

Don't you think outdoor lighting makes everything a little bit better?

Ok a lot better, it makes it magical.

{images via Target, Lonny, Pinterest}

August 1, 2011

Beaded Clutches

Lately I haven't been feeling too wanty...but seriously, come to mama! I do LOVE a good beaded clutch.

{all from The Zhush}

Does Tyler come with the kitchen?

I was just browsing the House Beautiful website when I noticed that their kitchen of the year was up. I like it! It was designed by Tyler Florence (who I think it adorable btw) and I think I would be quite happy to whip up a meal in his kitchen.

I didn't snag any of the wide shot because I prefer the vignettes but you can see it all here.