March 13, 2011


I know it looks like all Big does is play his DS but we're pretty strict about when he can use it. He is limited to weekends so when he's able to play he does and Little hangs out and acts as his cheering section. I couldn't help but snap a pic of them yesterday afternoon. Little sometimes takes any opportunity for a nap pretty darn seriously and Big well he didn't move a muscle as to not wake him.

They are typical brothers who tease, play and laugh with each other. They genuinely seem to like each other too which thrills me to no end. Before I know it they'll be speaking in their secret code, laughing at their dad or I because we do something adult and lame. But that's ok because we all know there's nothing funnier than inside sibling jokes. When you think back are some of your most hilarious moments with your sibs?

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lauren said...

Everything is a funny memory with me and my sisters! We can laugh for hours about the craziness of our family. Your boys are very lucky to have each other and wish them and you all the happiness in the world :)