April 30, 2008


I just love this antique blue crib, perfect against the red stucco so simple and striking.

{Image via Phoenix Home and Garden}

April 29, 2008

Oh where do I find the perfect headboard?

So it's 8 o'clock and I hear a thud followed by a cry coming from my Little's room. I go in and I find him crying on the floor. I'm sad, so sad for him and also for me because I now have that kid that climbs out of his crib. My older son never tried to climb out, he was the easy one now I have my Little who is a different story. He laughs and hides his face when I ask him for a kiss, he just turned two and I have gotten ONE, yes only one kiss from that kid.

So now I'm panicked I have to find him a bed. I have yet to find the perfect headboard, I thought for sure I had just a bit more time. I don't want a bed with a footboard because it takes a lot of space and makes things difficult for climbing in and or playing on it. I don't really want painted furniture because it looks beat up (not just mildly distressed, like a kid has beat the crap out of it) after like a day, so seriously what's a girl to do? I have looked everywhere I feel like and nothing has said, "buy me". Any suggestions?

Pretty, pretty lining

I just saw these little handbags and loved that they had pretty lining. I have been reading that there are many others out there that purchase specifically because they love the lining.

Well not only are these little bags cute on the inside they are perfect for the quick change necessary for those of us that still have to carry the dreaded (ugh) diaper bag. They fit the necessities, cash, cards, cell and lipstick, good on it's own or in something else.

April 28, 2008

A DIY do!

When I see cool things, I often think, "I could do that" but honestly even though I could do that, I usually don't. Often it's the lack of time or by the time I go and get all of the materials to make something I realize it's cheaper just to buy it. But today when I saw these wall decals created by a mom for her nursery, I was completely wowed.

I just saw these decals on Decor8 (which I love), a reader couldn't find what she wanted and found a way to make them.

My son has been wanting to make a museum for his art work and this would be perfect. I think that they would look great all over the hall, we could have our own family gallery. So it looks like the rest of the day I will be blog stalking this lady to get all of the juicy details for this project.

{Danielle Thompson images via Decor8}

Jessica Kagan Cushman

I found a new object to covet and do I dare say where I saw them...Country Living Magazine. I know kinda embarrassing but it goes to show that you kind can find cool things anywhere.
OK, so I found these bracelets in the weirdest place but I love, love, love them. They are super sassy which I totally dig, I mean who doesn't want jewelry that reads, "kiss my grits" or "does this bracelet make me look fat?"

These handmade resin bracelets are designed by Jessica Kagan Cushman, and they are nothing but just the cutest thing ever!

April 25, 2008

Yes, For Ever

I was just browsing Domino's Third Anniversary Slideshow of the stuff that we were nuts over and found this For Like Ever Poster. I'm sure most of you have seen this print but I love it and think it would be the perfect cheeky addition to my office.

Crush Day

I love this bracelet from J. Crew, perfect size, perfect amount of sparkle and color!

The perfect yellow

I have always wanted to live in a yellow house, I saw this in on of Snippet & Ink's collages and thought it's just the perfect shade.

April 24, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Tonight's looking good...

Warm and toasty

I was browsing Etsy to find a knitted coffee cup sleeve and found Jacquelineknits Ltd. So cute!

Not to mention I also found Tea Bag Totes, I know why do you need a tote for your teabag? My answer is you don't but they are so cute why wouldn't you want one.

Inspirational People

Do you have those people that always inspire you? Those people who are altruistic and are so sincere. It's these kind of people that really do make things happen in this world. I have a friend like that she's super cute, friendly to everyone and is always trying to make the world a better place. You know the kind of gal that puts her kids in cloth diapers but never says a word to you as you buy the huge container of Huggies from Costco?

Yesterday we were shopping at Whole Foods and she picked up a couple of the FEED bags for herself and explained to me that purchasing one bag would feed a hungry child for one year.

Since many grocery stores are phasing out the plastic bags it's up to us to bring something, what better choice than the FEED bags. FEED is an organization founded by Lauren Bush and it benefits the United Nations World Food Program, not only is the bag chic it's designed with sustainable materials and is made with fair labor. So before you buy the bags by the check out counter make sure to look if they sell the FEED bags because not only are you being environmentally conscious you are making a commitment to fight hunger.

April 23, 2008

The Anonymous Photo Project

I saw this yesterday on Poppytalk and thought what a fun idea. I'm totally going to do it, I just need to come up with some good locations to leave the cameras.

Holy Insomnia

So last night I could not fall asleep until the wee morning hours, so please forgive me if I'm feeling a little less than inspired. I will try to perk myself up with a big vat of coffee and see if I can get my brain moving, maybe after that I can think up something wonderful.

April 22, 2008

Fishsticks anyone?

These aren't just any old fish sticks they are Panko-Crusted Tilapia served with an herb dipping sauce, mmm. I don't know if the kiddos would go for this but Daddy and I sure would.

April 21, 2008

Must have

The OXO Corkpull is a must-have for a wine drinker. This thing is idiot proof, you just keep turning in the same direction and voila open wine. No hassling trying to get it open, super easy and perfect for opening a bottle if you have already had a glass...or two.

Yay, the wait is over!

Finally something new on TV, thankfully The Office is back and now another fave. Yippeee! I know it's a teen drama, but it's so addictive....j'adore.

Carrie Basket by Design Stockholm

I don't have a bicycle but I would love one if it had a basket like this.
{via Design Mom}

Waterski Chairs

I first saw these while I was in Seattle and thought these would be perfect at our family's cabin. The cabin is on a lake and it is everyone's summer hang out. I'm sure now the hot thing is to wakeboard or ride a Sea-Doo but these chairs are an ode to when hitting the lake on skis was the thing to do.

April 18, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Enjoy the work of Matt Schwartz, a perfect reminder of a simple, relaxing weekend.

Daydream Cups

Once again my coffee cup fascination rears it's head. I think it must be my afternoon lull, I must need a little pick-me-up. A cappuccino in these cups would be perfect.

Opulent Pencil Set

I think that my life might be a little more organized if I used these pretty pencils to check things off my list

April 16, 2008

I can't believe I'm posting this...

I was perusing Perez and I came upon this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing this

and it made me think of this.

I'm sorry I couldn't help myself, this couch dress has burned itself into my brain. Amber at Daisy Chain posted this and I was fascinated because there are people out there that think up this stuff...seriously!

This is for you Nik!

For those of you who love The Office, do I have something for you! Kelly at Design Crush, posted this card and I did a happy dance. You can find it on Etsy so go and buy before it's too late!

Striped Baby Hat

I think this hat from Etsy is darling, not to mention I love the sweet baby. Perfect for a new mommy.

April 15, 2008

Uggghhh, Miss Wishy-Washy

I hate to say this because I thought I liked her, but does Audrina bug you guys lately as much as she bugs me? She agrees with whoever she's talking with and it drives me bananas. Last season it seemed she had some backbone, but I'm thinking this season not so much.
{Image via MTV}

April 14, 2008

Blu Dot Strut Table

This gorgeous table will make me the perfect desk, not to mention it comes in yummy colors like robin's egg blue and watermelon.

Teeny crush

I have been wanting some enamel bracelets and these Juicy Couture Enamel Bracelets will do the trick. They come in a set of three and are just the right price, love them.

April 13, 2008

Honestly, do you or don't you....

Lately I have been into reading the blogs of those with kids. It gives me a great sense of commiseration. It's nice to see I'm not the only one out there with a 2 year old that is currently called "Buzzkill". I really love reading the ones that still appear to have a sense of style, but I wonder....These are the folks that I imagine buy the toys that have some sense of design, you know the ones that don't clash with what they have going on in their casa. I don't know, I just don't buy it. I wonder if they have a secret stash of Justice League figurines or ratty-haired Barbies hidden somewhere. When my son really wants Transformers or something equally not attractive, I usually give in if it's what he really wants. So my question to you is do you or don't you?

Is it this...

or this?

I suppose out of sight out of mind; if you don't see it who cares right? But we have toy fiesta here everyday that involves a serious amount of clean up so I know that not seeing it is not always an option. Not to play devil's advocate, really just super curious. You stylish peeps out there does your sense of design dictate everything in the house?

April 12, 2008

Faux Bois

I love this Faux Bois Mirror from West Elm, I just don't know where I would put it...all I know is a little goes a long way, please see below.

There is a great blog called It's (K)not Wood, I love going there to what they have going on. Currently there is a faux bois car, I mean I love fake wood but a car? I guess there is something for everyone.

April 11, 2008

Do what you love

I don't know if you all know this but I teach Pilates, I have been studying it for 10 years and teaching for the past 7. The past 5 years have been kind of struggle for my personal practice because of complicated pregnancies and working with 2 children. Now that I "work at home" I have a little more time for my third love, Pilates.

Joseph Pilates working with a client on the Ladder Barrel

A friend of mine thought that I should include fitness tips and for some reason I felt kinda funny doing that so I held off. Then another friend was feeling terrible and for her I thought some sort of movement would be a God-send. The key is that movement doesn't have to be just hitting the gym it could be tango, golf or yoga, whatever makes you happy. There is something to be said for finding that one thing even if only for a couple of hours a week that let's you forget about your day and just focus on your body and how it's feeling.

So I guess my whole point is to say, do what you love. Everyone deserves to have those moments where your mind is clear and your body is moving, it's so worth the effort.

{Image via Balanced Body Pilates}


I was looking at Victoria Magazine online and found this picture of a cupcake topped with fresh raspberries. How easy is that? It looks fresh and yummy and more importantly like you spent a lot of time on it.

April 10, 2008

Gap Body

I'm not usually a huge fan of Gap clothing, the clothes to me are just ho-hum. I do however like their undies (I received some as a gift) so I went to Gap Body to do a little shopping. I have to say I was very surprised to see totally cute swimsuits and cover-ups that didn't break the bank. Since I had my little, I didn't have much time to do more than grab my unmentionables and peek at the swim wear, but you know I'm headed back there soon.

I have such a crush on you!

Ever since I saw the Giogali Chandelier in person, I have been thinking about it. I LOVE it. Seeing it in the store made me want it that much more, it was so sparkly and delicious I just wanted to eat it up!

PS - It's on sale.

April 9, 2008

Project Runway

So news on the street is that Heidi and the gang are moving to Lifetime. I know, say what?! I love, love, love Project Runway and I just can't seem to wrap my mind around that it's moving to icky, old Lifetime. I mean it's the home of the Tori Spelling made-for-TV movies, it's the last resort on a Friday night when absolutely nothing is on. I suppose they are trying to up their hip factor, you think it will work?

April 8, 2008

Am I headed in the right direction?

So I'm at a crossroads and it involves this blog. I love writing it because it has brought back some of those creative juices that were sucked away by my old number crunching job. Is what I have going OK for those of you actually reading it? I mean it's kind of a weird design/mommy life/random rant hybrid. Is there anything that I should be including that I don't? Sometimes I think it needs a more focused direction and then other times I think what the hell, it's a little nuts just like my life. Thoughts?


A super cool custom crib and kids bedding company named Jarvis-Davis has a fun new toy to preview all of the fabrics before you buy. Sooo fun, why didn't they have this when I was in the market for the "perfect" crib bedding? You must go and play with all of the fabric combos, they have lots to choose from such as vintagey traditional and hip mod too, love it!

April 7, 2008

Filippa K Lace Mugs

I love these Filippa K Lace Mugs found at Bunny Maxwell so simple and feminine, I think the mug thing might be a recurring theme...sorry!

Tartx Charms

I found these glass charms by Tartx on Etsy, they are just so me. I love that they are made with a vintage illustration on a bottle cap, darling!

April 5, 2008

Blog Love

I have fallen for these two blogs, Polaroids and Peonies is a gorgeous wedding inpiration blog and Print and Pattern is just complete eye-candy.

Gotta love March Madness!


April 4, 2008

Chick Flick Fest

I actually had a moment to myself, it was heaven! I ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream and watched the very end of the movie About A Boy, I love that movie. It got me to thinking about the event I posted about earlier it sounds fun, but I think getting a sitter between now and then might be next to impossible so I think a good old movie marathon might be in order! Not just any movies the girly, smoochfest, fall-in-love ones that make our husbands run the other way.

These are the ones I'm thinking might be just the ticket:
1. Pride and Prejudice - The last one with Keira Knightly, I have watched it over and over and never get tired of it.
2. Sense and Sensibility - I know another Jane Austen but who doesn't love a good love story with a happy ending.
3. Sabrina - The old one with Audrey Hepburn and Bogey, classic! I watched that movie as a child and loved it so much my husband and I danced to the big band version of "Isn't It Romantic" at our wedding.
4. You've Got Mail - I love the store and her apartment, is it too much to ask to live and work there?
5. Something's Gotta Give - Again I just want to live there! I love that gorgeous Hampton's home.
6. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - This is the first movie that I watched about oh...20 times...in one day!
7. Sixteen Candles - I still heart Jake Ryan! He was Abercrombie gorg before there even was an Abercrombie, he's timeless.

Please fill me in on any of your favs that I missed because I know there's lots!

Inspirador Event

Looks fun, I might have to check this out...

This Friday Night we’ll be hosting a FREE JAZZ CONCERT!

Top 5 Things you’ll see this weekend at Inspirador:

1: LIVE Jazz Music with Headliner–Edwin Livingston (from the blockbuster films RAY and DREAMGIRLS). Amazing bass player like non-other. Don’t forget to stay for the AFTER-HOURS JAM SESSION–where jazz aficionados and well known jazz musicians from the 9th Annual Chandler Jazz Festival will party into the late night at Inspirador.
2: HOT FOOD: Chef Marc will be on the grill in the courtyard smokin some incredible bbq
3: WINE TASTING: A collection of urban chic boutique wines will be sampled at Tryst Art Gallery including a rare batch of the INNOCENT and the GUILTY. DELICIOUS!!!!!! Bottles can be enjoyed by the glass or table side bottle service. Table reservations recommended.
4: For this funky, fun evening we have partnered with FENDER GUITAR to support the Boys and Girls Club. A sleek FENDER GUITAR (STRAT) will be available for raffle to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. The guitar is autographed and you’ll have to stop in to see who it is.
5: SUMMER LIVING: Sedona Patio and Leather Furniture has brought an ENTIRE showroom of summer living rooms for your patio and home. An incredible collection of outdoor and indoor furniture is on show for the evening. Rumor has it a surprise for the evening will be a $3,000 Patio Furniture Collection give-away. You have to check out the double wide chaise lounges for the pool.

April 3, 2008

Baby Bonanza

Looks like Restoration Hardware is cashing in on the baby & kid market. Good news for moi, I love them and am now anxiously awaiting to see what they will have in store.

Fresca Rug

I'm digging this Fresca rug from Burke Decor.

Can I please move in?

I have had this little gem filed away for some time, I love the exterior of this Bobby McAlpine home that was featured House Beautiful.

All of the rooms are built around a courtyard garden, how can it be more beautiful than that? The home is so romantic and magical it just makes me want to move right in.