April 23, 2013

It's been a little cray

I'm home today. Tuesday is usually a busy work day for me but I have a kid who took a baseball to the noggin yesterday so we're staying home. He's currently alternating ice and Wii and I'm enjoying a moment to myself with the gazillions of posts filling up my reader (which is now Feedly, I love it.)

We've been busy with parties, weddings and such. Big had his first communion and confirmation complete with aunts and a sweet cousin from out of town, my sister in law got married and then the very next day was a fundraiser I'm involved with. I'm wiped. So today's little lie-in is a total lifesaver. I think since I'm home I need to organize my scattered life. I lost my keys in my house a week ago and still can't find them. Eek! My husband is sure I'm completely loco and I can't say that I blame him. Check in with me next week I might be the picture of tranquility and zen. There's always hoping right?