October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well folks have a fun night trick-or-treating! I'm more than ready for the festivities because my kids are chomping at the bit to get their costumes on. We carved pumpkins and bobbed for apples last night and today I made the delish biscuits so we are officially ready.

Have fun and be safe!

Wanna try?

I admit I haven't been watching The Hills, it just has gotten lame and I can't take it anymore. Even though her show has been a stinker she looked super cute on her way into Dave Letterman.

I know the wide leg, high waisted pants aren't for everyone but I like them. It remains to be seen if I could pull them off but one of these days I might brave them in some dressing room. Are there any fashion trends that you like but are scared to take the plunge?

{image via Popsugar}

October 30, 2008

Biscuits with green onion, black pepper & sea salt

Ever since Halloween was made infinitely more fun with the kids, we have a tradition of having soup for dinner then the kids heading out to trick-or-treat. I think these biscuits would be a yummy accompaniment.

October 29, 2008

Here little birdy

I don't normally watch Lipstick Jungle but I watched one On Demand while having a bout of insomnia. Now all I can think about is the wallpaper from Nico's bathroom. After doing a little digging I found it, it's Birdcage from Woodsen & Rummerfield's, love it.

The version they have on the show is blue but it looks like that color maybe discontinued, I do however really like the pink and green that they are offering.

Hit the road

Ready to take a road trip? This ride looks ready to take me and some friends somewhere fabulous.

{styled by Sofie Anderson via Desire to Inspire}

October 28, 2008

I miss you

I was reading A Cup of Jo and she was soliciting opinions on good shows for her sis needing an escape. Many of the readers commented Gilmore Girls and I realized how much I miss Lorelei and Rory. Lately I've been catching reruns but it's not the same. Hmmph!

I'm sure at this point all of you reading this are thinking, "Hel-lo Sarah, get a life" which maybe true but I can't help myself I miss my all-time favorite show. Can you blame a girl?


Let's discuss, what are your thoughts on Nate & Jenny? I knew it was coming because I'm the spoil sport who reads spoilers but are you buying what they're selling?

{image via People}

October 27, 2008


I'm obsessed...with this handbag.

Chinoiserie Pearl

The Dwell Studio Chinoiserie Pearl bedding has me drooling, I love the minimalist approach to a traditional motif.

October 24, 2008

Grow House Grow

The hand printed wallpaper from Grow House Grow is adorable, can't you picture it in some sweetly decorated room?

{via Print & Pattern}

October 23, 2008

Time Out

You parents out there, do you ever feel like you could use a time out? Well tonight I do, I would like to shut myself in a room along with a dirty martini and some of my favie shows. TIME OUT for mama.

I often wonder what kind of image I project to any of you reading this blog. I'm opinionated, sometimes grouchy and I'll admit as sweet and wonderful as my kids are sometimes they drive me a bit bonkers. You can always tell my mood because usually if I'm wearing extra makeup it's because I'm trying to make myself feel better. So today I sit here with a smoky eye and a cold beer wondering if bedtime could come any faster?

October 22, 2008


I really like the graphic orange print of the Weekender Tote but more importantly I LOVE the jute upholstery tape trim. So cute, the perfect bag for fall weather.

He does it again...as usual.

The Sartorialist rocks as usual in this photo, I hope I look half as good someday. Standing on the street in Milan while being impossibly chic helps, but I feel as though I'm in on a little secret now that I've seen what it really takes to get these great shots.

October 21, 2008


Today was the day for my blog's facelift. How do you likey? For Keeps at Etsy helped a sister out.

So I'm feeling like this...quite smiley!

{Erika's cute peanut Paisley}


We all know that Gossip Girl is my fave, well imagine my delight when I found Ralph Lauren's Rugby. I l-l-love it! Now I can channel my Upper East sider.

Last night was a goody wasn't it?

October 20, 2008

Such an idea!

Today while browsing Style Me Pretty I came upon a wedding that was perfect for my I Do Take Two that I had done for The Invitation Lady. Truth be told our 8th anniversary is tomorrow so I kind of have weddings on the brain. I think the place settings with the hint of zebra would also be perfect with my china don't you think?

This is why I love blogging there is just so much inspiration out there for any occasion.

Butterfly tags

I just love Etsy. Lately I've been in the mood to spend some time there browsing all of the goodies. I think these pretty tags would be perfect on a gift wrapped with craft paper and velvet ribbon.

October 18, 2008

Happy Weekend!

My plans:
*Family in town
*Possibly heading here if I have time
*The usual suspects, cleaning and the like
*Celebrity Ball tonight
*Trying to get a picture of my dogs for Erika's contest

What on the books this weekend for you?

The above dog isn't my little Stella, it's what I imagined she would have looked like if we got her as a pup-pup.

October 17, 2008

Pretty rooms

Lately I have had a thing for glossy black doors, so let's peek inside this house to see what's going on.

I love the dining room, I was shocked to find that the big graphic print was from IKEA.

My favorite part of the kitchen is the marble backsplash, but I think that it looks a little sterile maybe some sort of fabric or wood to warm things up?

{images via Traditional Home}

October 16, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

If you have read this blog for any amount of time you know I have a major sweet-tooth. So in honor of my love for the sweet Pumpkin Spice latte, I thought it only fitting to share a few yummy pumpkin desserts.

Pumpkin Custard Profiteroles with Maple Caramel

Pumpkin and Brown Sugar Creme Brulee

Pumpkin Pecan Pie with Whiskey Butter Sauce

Pumpkin Spice Layer Cake with Caramel and Cream Cheese Frosting

It's time to talk costumes

It's almost here, the invitations have been received and most of us are deciding what to be. I just got a good laugh at Mamacita's choice for my costume, loved it! So let's talk costumes, Rikki is having her annual Halloween party and this year the twist is it's a Celebrity Ball. You must come dressed as a celebrity and I have my costume all worked out. I'm going to just say it out loud no surprises for moi, I've decided to go as Coco Chanel. I have the perfect vintage coat and shoes now all I need is this little cheapie and I should be set.

Here's the kicker I had the BEST costume picked out for the hubs and he being the good sport that he is said he would do it.

I thought it would be perfect going together as two Chanel designers...but now I don't think he's going, no babysitter. So here's my dilemma, do I scrap my costume because honestly without my other half mine seems kinda lame. The thought of him dressed as Mr. Lagerfeld is hilarious! Thoughts??

October 15, 2008

It's getting chilly

The slight chill we have been having is making me long for one of these adorable knit capelets.

California Dreamin'

Doesn't this make you want to hop in the car and drive to Carmel? I love California but the traffic, I can't imagine anything worse.

October 14, 2008


All of blogland is in love with Eddie Ross, including me. Who else can come up with fabulous finds at Goodwills and Dollar stores, whip up a gourmet feast and be the craftiest crafter around? He almost out Martha's Martha, which is no surprise being that he's her senior style editor. This brings me to thrifting, do you guys do it?

{Eddie Ross's fab finds}

There are really no good flea markets around here and antique shopping is so-so, honestly nothing special. A few months back I had a wild moment and decided to hit up a Goodwill for some hidden treasures; let me tell you it was frightening. After I quickly browsed the racks I ran out of there so fast with my shirt covering my nose because it was so smelly. Am I just too wimpy? I love the thrill of the hunt but I think I need to create a list of things that I'm really looking for before I head out and maybe it will make it easier. Is thrifting one of those things where you have to hit the shops over and over before you find treasures? Let's discuss because I would love to hear your horror stories, fab finds and shopping tips.

October 13, 2008

Crystal Safety Pin

Why do I fall for shiny baubles? Because this itsy bitsy safety pin is too cute!

{via Fashion Kitty}

Vacay recap

I'm back! What a great couple of days. We did have a little snafu yesterday because we missed our flight home but other than that it was wonderful. The lovely Camila was kind enough to set some wine tastings up for us and we thoroughly enjoyed her choices. They were off the beaten path and beautiful. Not only did I drink enough wine to last me a while I'm pretty sure that I just ate my way through my vacation.

I'm still dreaming about one my new found favorite restaurants in San Francisco called Delfina. YUM! Not to mention I'm really missing the Bouchon Bakery and Bistro. At least now I have some new things to look forward to when I head back there.

October 10, 2008

Happy Weekend

FYI...No longer wanting to tear out my hair! Thank goodness. We went here today it was fun, thanks Camila!

Have a good one!

October 8, 2008

This is me

Except I have black/brown hair, picture it...I'm hoping to be better soon.

October 7, 2008

Turkey Osso Bucco

I saw Giada making this yesterday and it looked yum. I like Osso Bucco but I think I'll try the turkey, much healthier.

October 6, 2008

Love that Ina

Oh Ina, I first loved you for your yummy cookbooks, then I watched your TV show while pretending to live in your gorgeous Hamptons home; now I get to drool over your new "barn". Thanks.

(images via House Beautiful)

Metallic Journals

In keeping with my love of shiny, these metallic journals would be such a nice gift.

October 5, 2008


No matter what your politics may be this is some funny shiz!

October 3, 2008

Happy Weekend!

This week has been a busy one and today I'm busy being Cinderella cleaning away and my vacuum breaks, so annoying. Hopefully they can fix it ASAP. Other than that minor dilemma my week has been good. My weekend plans are to just get the house and the kids ready for our little getaway next weekend.

Next Thursday morning I'm leaving for wine country I need to get a couple of items for my trip, tights, a new pack of white tees and hopefully I can find a cute lightweight cardi. Thanks for all of your suggestions so far, I'm still taking them because I'm a packing nightmare.

What are your plans this weekend anything particularly juicy?

{Patrick Cline photography via Urban Grace}