December 31, 2008

New Year's Goals

So do you do the resolution thing? Honestly I usually don't but sometimes I decide to choose one thing that I can focus on really following through. Honestly sometimes my goals are really tiny and silly but this year I have two that are biggies and they go hand in hand. I mean the usual eat healthy, exercise more, well those are like an on-going thing so I'm not going to count those.
This year I have two:
1. Organize my closet. It's a disaster and after 8 years of marriage I'm finally feeling sorry for my closet mate. My biggie is keep it neat and tidy for the whole year. It's going to be tough but hopefully I can pull through.
2. Edit my clothing. With the earlier organization I would like to try on all of my clothing and fix, keep or toss. Not to mention come up with some go-to outfits so I don't always look like a mommy on driving duty.

So what do you think, do-able?

[image via Domino]


Courtney said...

totally doable! I'm all about manageable New Year's goals and this is perfect. Plus, editing your closet is such a good way to weed out things you never wear and give you incentive for saving for those special pieces that will last forever.

Sarah Ring said...

I think I could find a way to help you down size your closet! What size shoe are you Sarah!? :)

Elena said...

Totally doable! But I have to say that because it's also my goal :) I plan to get rid of all those "maybe, just in case, might need it" items that I haven't worn in years. I did the organizing thing already this year, but I'm not sure about the system...I did the color-coded rainbow thing in addition to sleeve length (I'm in South Florida.) But I'm not sure if I should just chuck sleeve length and do color coding all the way. Decisions, decisions! Advice???

p.s. just added your Invitation Lady blog to my RSS. cute cute!!

simply seleta said...

Doable fo' sho'. Get it going, girl. You'll be so happy with your results. I did it about a month ago and now I'm less cranky when I get ready. And I have to confess: I found a lot of good stuff that I had completely forgotten about!

Happy New Year, friend! And P.S. I'm sure you never look like a mom. Not with your sassy style!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years to you Sarah. Cleaning and maintaining closets is definitely a super goal- you have seen how small my closets are at my house - a cry help from IKEA are necessary for my closet troubles. Kiss the boys and have a safe New Year. Constance. PS- thanks for your super blogs for this past year, they have been super

Sarah Ring said...

I keep coming back to this post! I love this image!!

Jessie said...

I'm planning on doing the same... it's a big task though, and I must admit I have a hard time getting rid of things that I still "need".

Good luck with your overhaul, and can't wait to hear how it goes!!!