December 17, 2008


If you can't tell I've been in a blunk (blog funk) I can't seem to keep a thought straight in my head lately. I have so much going this week I'm constantly thinking of what's next on the agenda. So I thought I would take a minute to say a very public thank you to one of the coolest girls I know. Lisa is one of my Pilates clients, not only is she super funny and nice she's also a cooking baking genius.

And a fabulous knitter.

Last night I was pleasantly surprised with my bucket o' cookies and coffee to go with them. Lisa I'm in heaven, yum! Thanks again for being so cool.


Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome! Have a Merry Christmas with the family.

Fifi Flowers said...

Surprises are sooooo much FUN! ENJOY the holiday season and the first day of Winter! Fifi