December 1, 2008

Fa la la la la

Just so you know I'm a Christmas music freak, I will listen to it everyday from now until Christmas and not get sick of it. Weird I know and quite annoying to others but I can't help myself it's such a cheerful time of year. My husband and I went out last night and did a lot of shopping for the kids, just a few more items and they will be done. Woo hoo! This brings me to the tree, everyone out there has such a strong opinion I'm dying to hear all about your tree.

We have one artificial tree [easy] that has colored lights. "Colored lights?!" you say? Well my favorite things are blown glass ornaments and I try to do a kid tree and colored lights look best, believe me I have tried both. At some point when our living room isn't the playroom I might consider doing a more elegant tree but for now this is my favorite. From this picture you may be able to tell a couple of things, the expensive glass pretties are half way up, at the bottom are the kid friendly character ornaments and lastly that my camera* is on it's last leg.

So please tell me all about your home holiday decorating! If you want send me a picture of your Christmas decorating I would love to post it.

*I rarely post my own pictures because my camera is almost dead, so expect more of my own photos after the holidays. Santa might be bringing me an exciting Christmas surprise.


Courtney said...

Sarah! We used colored lights this year. It looks so festive and fun inside our den, I may have to find a way to keep them up year round.

Kidding. Slightly.

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i'm a super xmas music freak! I listen nonstop from Nov 27-Dec25 I LOVE the songs and singers and only get it one month a year- LOVE IT

Unknown said...

I agree on the Christmas music thing. I think things get so stressed out , that soothing Christmas music evens us out. On the tree, I haven't leaped into the fake tree thing ( for my main tree that is). My husband loves the smell of the real one, and I have to agree being a former Northwest girl ( I may be singing a different tune once our house goes up in flames ). I do 2 tree's ,one department store tree with white lght( my mom calls it that ) and one kiddie tree with colored lights. I never do my tree's the same year to year. Just like fashion for us , I think tree's have trend too.

simply seleta said...

Colored lights are happy. Festive. And oh so fun. I think I need to swing it next year. Did it a couple of years ago when #4 was born and it was a hit.

Thanks for sharing! So fun!!!