December 15, 2008

Night night

I hate it when I have nothing to say. Honestly. I have been a big blabbermouth my whole life so when I don't have anything to share it feels well, weird. All day I have been wondering, "hmmm I wonder if I can find anything, a cool to share a room, some random Etsy goody" and the answer is no. So I'll just say nighty night and hopefully tomorrow will be a brand new day filled with some random TV talk or coveted handbag. Hopefully this will give some sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams found here.

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Unknown said...

OMG, I die! That kitchen is insanely gorgeous! Fab find!

Sadly, I usually just do pilates at home with a video. I did go to classes at my gym for a while, but I cancelled my membership because I hardly went (surprise, surprise)and we were trying to save money. I would love to eventually go to a studio. In fact there is one just a few minutes from my house, but it's pricey.