December 23, 2008

Are you falling for January?

Have you gotten all of your January magazines yet? I'm sure you have, are they taunting you with the organizing taglines or are you just enjoying the holidays? I admit I love looking at all of those organizing articles and pictures only because I'm not that organized. It's like the holy grail or something.
New Year's is right around the corner peeps and pretty soon we are going to be taking all of those holiday decorations down and have a fresh new start. Well it feels that way for a few days anyways. So please share with me some of your easy (this is key) organizing tips. These don't have to be home specific, they can be anything so share away.
[image via Country Living]


Sarah said...

Yes! I don't want to rush the holidays. I still want to try to be in the present. That said, my present is pretty scattered and unorganized!
My strategy for 2009:
1. Get rid of all the stuff. Make it meaningful and useful or give it to someone else who can.
2. Just start. Dig in and do one drawer at a time.
I MAY be a perfectionistic sort. Which means I don't really start unless I can finish well. Given the season of my life and three busy kids, that has meant I am overwhlemed and don't know where to start. I've realized I just have to do the smallest little things and over time it will get there.
Some nonsense about enjoying the journey...(wink, wink)

Kathysue said...

I have found when doing something like cleaning out and organizing if I am not careful I can talk myself out of doing it at all.I try to chip away at it .I do it in small chunks of time.I will say ok I am working on my bedroom for 1 hr.Most of the time I wind up getting it done in the 1 hr.but if not tomorrow is another day.Time chunks work for me,especially with a busy family life and lots of things that need doing.Kathysue