June 1, 2011

Summer vacay is here

The kids are home....all day. It's summer vacation. (Cue scary, foreboding music). The first day of summer vacation was um, interesting. We shall see how the summer progresses with two crazy boys. None of the activities we have signed up for have started yet so we are just hanging out, unscheduled for now.

{We could try this while eating these. There's #1.}

I think I need to cook up some activities for when there's the lull and the "I'm bored" rears it's head. Actually it's usually just Little who's saying it. He's used to having his twin cousin with him most days and when his brother is doing his own I hear it often. So tell me what are you all doing this summer? Ideas, kids' activities?It doesn't at all have to be kid related I mean come on, we all want to live vicariously through someones fabulous plans.

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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Those would be really interesting to make! Im hoping to take a trip back to NYC this summer and take a few classes there...maybe even rent a place while there, who knows! :)))