June 15, 2011

It's summer and I'm not so ship shape

How's summer been treating you so far? I'm still getting used to the go-go-go of summer activities of two boys instead of just one. This summer Little has all sorts of things on his schedule which make for some juggling (which I'm not always the best at) with Big's stuff too. Seriously the weeks have flown by! The first month of summer I don't really mind the doing nothing because the kids really don't say I'm bored too much it's the last weeks that start to make me crazy.

I have done little to no summer cooking, my laundry looks like it's enough for five people (that's just my stuff) and I've been all about town looking like a no-makeup wearing ragamuffin. C'est la vie, next week I'll be better.

{images via Sunday Suppers and Pinterest}

1 comment:

Karena said...

Sarah, some weeks are just better than others!! Wonderful images. I think I will put some laundry in!

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