June 15, 2011

I NEED a new kitchen table stat!

It's official my kitchen chairs are falling apart. Sucks. Not that I'm not excited at the possibility of new furniture because there's nothing more exciting to me than new furniture, it's the finding the perfect thing at the perfect price. Oh the woes of a shopper on a budget and a family with two kids that still seem to get yogurt all over everything. (I find that s&*t everywhere! Seriously how does yogurt travel so far? Sorry I'm straying.) I've thought about getting a bench for the boys at the kitchen table, but then I think of how hard it is for regular (tall) adults to try and swing their long legs over and then I think not so smart. I think I've come up with the good old World Market solution that yes has been seen umpteen times but I still like it. Thoughts?

Starting with this

adding two of these at either end

and finishing the table off with four of these.


Jaimee said...

yes yes yes and yes. perfect. can't wait to see it. I just got a set of those marais stools for my counter, and they're great. just the right touch of industrial edge.

Luvs2dance said...

I like where your going with this!! I think will will be perfect in your house!!!

marni zarr said...

yes! love it. kind of makes me wish my chairs would fall apart.

Fun Today said...

I bet kids get the metal chairs.