April 22, 2011

Easter Ideas

I didn't do any special craftiness this year for Easter, I'm bad. Monday we're headed off to Carlsbad to for Big's spring break so we're busy packing, getting the house ready for the house sitter and doing the Easter grocery shopping. Which totally reminds me I need to go to the store, ugh it's going to be totally packed. My aunt called me and left a message asking where the Easter posts were so I guess I dropped the ball but here are a few things just for her. Easter is a holiday where cuteness abounds that's for sure. Maybe Saturday after the groc I'll have some time to knock out some of this crafty stuff.  Here are a few of the adorable Easter things seen around Blogland.

Eggs filled with grass so cute but maybe a little late in the game, file it away for next year.

Darby (the egg and grass girl) always has cute ideas and I loved her Easter story cookies last year and maybe I could do it with the shrimps tonight. I think it would be fun for Little.

Peeps S'mores. Cute and more importantly easy.

Send an adorable message via Eggogram.

It wouldn't be Easter without Martha so here's one of my favorites of hers. I'm a sucker for jars filled with stuff.

What are you guys making for your Easter meals?  We have a huge family gathering with all of our family; mine, my husband's and my brother-in-law's, it's awesome. No running from place to place, the kids get to see all of their grandparents in one spot it makes me very thankful for having such a cool family.  The past few years we've done omelet stations in addition to the usual fare and this year my mom is making her famous Eggs Benedict. I will be assisting her on Benedict duty but I will also be bringing Ina's Sour Cream Coffee Cake which is delicious and pretty and a Green Chile egg thing that I always make for those that don't like Eggs Benedict (which I think is near impossible but to each his own).  So what you have going on, what are your family Easter traditions?


Emily said...

I will be back tomorrow so if you need a little breaky time me and the kiddies have some serious play time to catch up on.

lauren said...

These are adorable ideas! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
P.S I'm proud to be your 440th follower! I hope you'll check out my blog and consider following me too :)
xoxo Lauren