April 15, 2011

Birds, scones and weekend plans

There is this bird that has been driving me bonkers for about a month. His weird little wake up call is beginning to wear out it's welcome. Since I was up early because of  the bird and was feeling like a nice mom I made fresh scones for the littles. Fail. Well success for me and fail for them. I'm always trying to master scones. Finding the perfect recipe all while trying to be a teeny bit healthy using half whole wheat flour. This is tricky business because using whole wheat flour often makes baked goods a bit heavier than normal with a nutty flavor that is sometimes off putting to little pickies. So today's recipe had the perfect texture but apparently wasn't sweet enough for the shrimps, arrgghh! I was even being extra nice and made glaze to go over the top and put chocolate chips in, oh well back to the drawing board.

This weekend I have a few things on the books which includes a Moms Club (for Big's school) Spa Night function at a local salon (I won't lie, I'm totally looking forward to a mani, pedi and glass of wine tonight), the usual Saturday morning teaching and dinner out somewhere TBD for my father in law's birthday. Speaking of which I need to do some research on where to go for a fun adults only dinner out. Locals, any suggestions? What do you guys have going on?

On another note I know this picture really doesn't have anything to do with what we talked about; but since I spent some time in the kitchen this morning I thought I should at least include one. I originally saved this Elle Decor image because I love they way they displayed their children's art. I have a big soft spot for kids art. The chairs, fixture and floor isn't bad either. My question is where do you stand on all the fabric being one pattern? It makes a statement that's for sure but it's not my favorite, too much. Are you of the mind a little is good but a lot is better a la Mary McDonald? Just curious.

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Jackie said...

I love that breakfast nook. The color scheme is so light, but mostly I love the art work & the large display shelves!