April 1, 2011

Blog Crush :: Dinner, A Love Story

I first found this blog when Mamacita kindly told me that I NEEDED the Time for Dinner Cookbook. It would change my life or something. I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't bought it yet but don't fret Mamacita it's been in my Amazon cart since you mentioned it. I need to buy something else with it to get the free shipping, I'm cheap like that. Anyways I've loved it ever since she tuned me in and these illustrations and descriptions in A Picky Eater Taxonomy crack me up every time I look at her Picky Eating label.  

Big is a combo of The Negotiator/The Pint Sized Paggro/The Starch King of Starchy McCarbLand
Little is easy he's The Refusenik.
What are yours?

{image via Time for Dinner by Jessica Zadnik}


mamacita said...

Have you read True Prep yet? That's in my cart, awaiting a shipping partner.

SGM said...

Debbie Downer speaking: I didn't think Time for Dinner was that great. Pretty, and worth a read but maybe not a buy. Check it out at the library first.