May 11, 2011

Just a couple of things

Today I was a lucky girl and had a couple of hours to myself so I decided to run up to Phoenix to hit those store that I can't when I have little sidekicks. I picked up these fabulous vintage glass jars. I wish I had taken a better picture because they're really cool.

Then while we're on the subject of stuff what shall I do with these corbels? I have four. Any ideas? My mom brought them home from Nebraska for me last summer but they've just been sitting in the office, sad that they're all alone.

Oh and one of my favorite things is since I have these guys,

I always find these guys of some sort in precarious positions all over the house.

 It makes me laugh every time, well almost as long as I'm not stepping on one.


Erikah said...

How about using them as the bottom of an ottoman?

Re Batista said...

I'm from Brazil and I liked to know your blog.
Gsotei lot of these bottles.
Good morning!