May 24, 2011

Goodness :: Leigh's Blankies

Sometimes you just can't help but be proud and amazed at the goodness of some people and I feel this way about my friend Andra. A little over a year ago she lost her life-long best friend in a car accident and in a tribute to her friend who was a nurse at Phoenix Children's Hospital she created Leigh's Blankies. You can read her inspirational story here about the hows and whys it all came about. She wanted to give children without much hope the secure feeling that a blanket provides so Andra began making these blankies. It's been so fun watching how these cozy flannel blankies have travelled locally and all over the world to China and Haiti making a difference.

{Leigh's Blankies}
{Andra with her crew}
{The blankets in Haiti}

Follow Andra and Leigh's Blankies good work HERE, I hope you're as inspired as I am!


Andra said...

Sara, you are such a dear friend! Your support means so much and makes my heart feel full.Thank you for this post, I'm so thankful other's are hearing about the blankies and Leigh's beautiful life.
Much love to you girl,

lauren said...

This is amazing! Can I post about this project on my blog?? As someone who still has her blankie (and yes, I"m 27 and lives in my closet), this project really touches home. Thanks so much for sharing.
xoxo Lauren