December 7, 2009

Do you all like Mark Bittman?

This cookbook has totally made it's way on to my must-read list. I really like Mark Bittman, so I had to read the reviews on Amazon and it looks like a goodie. Any of you have it? Do tell.

I'm a carnivore, I will eat beef, chicken, fish, pork, duck (my favorite), not a huge fan of lamb; but you get the picture. My only thing is that I try to eat meat sparingly. I try to eat it no more than once a day and not a lot of it. Sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less but when I go out to dinner I almost always order red meat because we rarely cook it at home. I think I need a few more tricks up my sleeve to make my meat-free meals a bit more appealing to the rest of the crowd in my house, namely Mr. SFD. The kids rarely eat meat unless it's of the processed chicken variety, gag. (Maybe one of these days they'll grow out of it.) So where do you all stand on the meatless meals?


Sarah Ring said...

So funny, on The Lil Bee today I confessed that I (a daily vegetarian) will secretly eat meat with only my hubby as a witness on vacations. I feel so much guilt about it, but something just calls to me... it's like my body craves it! Weird.

Unknown said...

I eat everything which is why I'm in food purgatory right now. Started South Beach yesterday as I HAVE to drop these pesky pounds that have crept on. I could live on fish if I lived in a climate that had it fresh daily.

Luvs2dance said...

I am with Bloggers Abode - Fish everday, I sometime dream about! But who wants "fresh" fish in AZ - and Im sorry Fresh-Frozen just don't cut it...MEAT RULES :)

SGM said...

I can relate! I try not to eat a ton of meat but my husband doesn't consider a meal to be a meal without meat. (and BOY, do I love a cheeseburger.)

I am a big fan of Mark Bittman. Have never had a bad meal when using one of his recipes. I'll have to give this book a try!

Katie Z said...

I have it and LOVE it because it tells you how to literally cook everything that is part of a vegetarian diet. He provides excellent insight about how a vegetarian meal looks different from a traditional meal and for every recipe he gives you an idea of what you can do to make the left overs into a different meal. I reference it even when I'm not cooking something from it.

The only thing to be cautious of is that it really doesn't give you tons of "Main dishes", that's not what a vegetarian meal is about, he gives you lots of great "side dishes" that you can combine into an amazing meal. But the food is good enough that even meet eaters don't even mind the lack of a centerpiece item.