November 10, 2008

Hearts and Rainbows

Finally right? Something new to read. I've had a super busy weekend preparing my children's Art Show fundraiser for their preschool. The preschool they attend is non-profit so I do my best to make it as awesome as possible. The past month and a half we have been framing art and getting donations from local vendors for raffle baskets and silent auctions. The whole school is a collage of kids art and it looks beautiful. With that in mind I have hearts and rainbows in my head and these goodies from Fred Flare would be perfect little stocking stuffers.

Get it all here and today it's 25% off.


Sarah Ring said...

I want the fashion origami for myself! How cute!

jora said...


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Now I can have those pumps in every color :)

Fred Flare has such fun stuff that you just don't see anywhere else---great finds!

dee said...

You are so completely awesome for being so involved in your children's school. I'm sure it just comes naturally to you but it is truly a nice thing that you're doing. And I love anything art supply-ish so I'd be super psyched to get these as a stocking stuffer!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Sarah - I can totally see you whipping up some origami!

Jora - I'm it!

citysage - Fred Flare is a new one for me, I love it.

Lil Bee - Thank you for the sweet compliment. I LOVE the boys school so I will do anything to make it great for them. It doesn't come that naturally though, I'm a good helper but volunteering inside the classroom is another story. I'm a more behind the scenes kind of girl. I will try to post some pictures.

Anonymous said...

My son is 2 and I can't wait until he's in school and I can be involved!
Love the pencils!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet the boys would love the fashion origami! :)