November 21, 2008

Happy weekend!

I'm getting a little excited I just realized that I have two adult functions this weekend. Woo hoo! We have have birthday parties to attend both Friday and Saturday nights so it will be just the hubs and me, I can't wait!

Other than my party plans I'm hoping to:

*Clean the windows outside (yuck)

*Organize my closet

*Do some baking

What you have cookin' this weekend?

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I ♥ You said...

finally celebrating the anniversary
going to see twillight (woohoo!)
snuggle up for some R & R!

have a great weekend s!

Courtney said...

Ohhhhhh kicking off the holiday season with a bang! Have fun at your parties and happy cooking.

Luvs2dance said...

Baking, baking and more baking!!! Getting the house ready and going to the groc!! - not too exciting but it will do - Have fun at your parties :)

Sarah said...

My little brother is getting married. Oh my. A full family affair.

I also hope to make it in to see Twilight this weekend. I am on the last book and stretching it out as long as I can. I love the series and don't really want it to end.

Have fun on your grown up outings.

Unknown said...

I'm baking Walnut pies for Thanksgiving. Also trying to get the whole Christmas card picture thing done and off to be made.

Olivia StClaire said...

You busy girl!! I'm still laying around taking prednisone! But I do have a holiday shoot today - I got a friend to help me & will give her a comp session!! Have fun with the hubs!