September 5, 2013

Make it :: Top Your Cake

Since we started the no dye/artificial flavor thing in our house checking out sites like Pinterest make me shudder. Many of the party sites and images are flooded with brightly colored candies, goodies and drinks. It makes for a pretty picture but all I can think of is literally, go CRAZY colors. I want my kids to have a fun party like everyone else but sometimes a little visual marketing is all that a simple vanilla cupcake needs. I've started pinning ideas that look festive so there's lots of eye candy but the treats have very little crazy. We'll stick with the old fashioned stuff like butter and sugar. 

All links to the tutorials listed below.
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Peggy said...

Yum! These goodies look tempting.

Luvs2dance said...

Butter... YUM, Sugar... YUMM Butter and Sugar together... DOUBLE YUMM!!