June 6, 2013

Summer Syndromes

Most of the people where we live are already out of school. My kids are still slogging away at these last few days. There's been lots of end of the year activities so I don't know why they're just, "soooo tir-ed." in the morning. I guess its just the I'm ready for a break syndrome but then I need to prepare myself for the I'm bored syndrome that will probably follow. Normally I have a few camps lined up to keep them occupied but this year I haven't done it. I just can't bring myself to sign them up until we're all ready to go crazy in this house. Hopefully it's more than just a week or two. You know how you can tell that your kids are just ready for a break? Usually the first two weeks of summer are great for us and since we ended school later this year, we're headed on vacation shortly after our 2 week grace period hence the no plans. This is an experiment my friends, please don't kill me when I'm ready to go crazy in a few weeks.

How do you spend your summers? Is each week thoughtfully planned out or are you the more spontaneous type? 

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Kelley said...

Except for a swim lesson or two and a dance class here and there, we pretty much just go where the wind takes us around here. While a nice vacay would be awesome, it just isn't happening for us this summer. So, we shall see where the wind takes us :)Happy Summer!! xo