November 18, 2012

Least favorite Xmas Tradition

The holidays are approaching and I'm the freak that put their Christmas tree up this weekend. I just love having the four day weekend free so I try to get the jump on it. I won't lie though, I'm also the person that is permanently glued to whatever radio station is playing Christmas music. No, I don't have trees in every room and collection of Studio 56, I just enjoy Christmas tunes. One of my weird little idiosyncrasies. 

Music is a holiday tradition that I enjoy but there are plenty of things about the holidays that drive me nuts. I don't love the business of the season, it sometimes defeats the whole hang with family part of it. But honestly the one thing that makes me really nuts are cookie exchanges. I loathe making cookies! And for cookie exchanges they have to be all fancy and annoying. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a cookie just like everyone else but it seems like a lot of work for tons of calories that let's be honest we don't need around the holidays (don't judge I save my calories for my holiday wine). So tell me what is it about the holidays that makes you crazy? 

PS - If you know me and are having a cookie exchange I will totally come if I'm on the guest list, make pretty tasty cookies with a smile! 


marni zarr said...

love your honesty! it's fun to see people and visit but the cookie part,ughh. lets meet for wine instead!

Nicole Stephenson said...

HA! This cracks me up, sister. I hate cookie exchanges. I never go for a different reason. Germs and hairs. Tom's work always has one and I tell him we will make cookies but please do NOT bring any home. Please and thank you. :)

Luvs2dance said...

Too FUNNY!!!!! I'm with Marni... Wine exchange instead!!!!