August 14, 2012

Home Stretch

This is the last week of summer before the boys head back to school. I won't lie I'm ready for them to go back and for us all to be on a regular schedule. It's been extra long this year because they changed the school year on us and school now begins two weeks later than it used to. So fun for them the kids had a long summer and a little nutty for me.

So one more week and I will be out of the loony bin (and probably complaining about making those damn lunches).



Anonymous said...

Think of this when your making those darn lunches... enjoy!!

marni zarr said...

i want and would wear those fabulous shoes. please send me more info!

Unknown said...

Oh those door knobs! Do you know where they're from?
Good luck with your last week, and hope everyone transitions well.

whiterose42 said...

fab silver bathroom!....waiting to get back in my routine too with son back off to uni!