March 14, 2012

Smell Good Solution

When you have sick people in your house you have lots of icky germs. When you have icky germs in your house you have to use icky, chemically smelly cleaners. One thing I really, really can't stand are strong, artificial or chemical scents, so using these products en masse is hard for me. Thankfully Pinterest came to my rescue with this delicious smelling solution (along with some open windows and fresh air). All you need is water, lemon, vanilla and rosemary. I'll let you in on a little secret too, there was no fresh to be found at my normal source (my parents) or the groc so I was desperate and used dried and it still did the trick. I can only imagine how good it smells with fresh rosemary.

You must try! Thanks Morgan for sharing this gem!


Mrs. W said...

I also pinned this last week and can't wait to try it! So glad to hear it was successful. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Morgan said...

So glad you liked it :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip... hate the smell in my house when I use a lot of artificial cleaners, too. This is great...gonna try it.