December 12, 2011

Tea Collection

Tea Collection sent the boys each an outfit and here they are in their cuteness.

Little looks adorable in his trendy navajo inspired sweater, he sported it on Thanksgiving.

And Big is loving his ensemble, comfy and sporty at the same time. Win-win in his book.
They both get a little carried away with their modeling moves!

In all seriousness though Tea Collection has the cutest stuff and I was beyond excited when they sent the kids looks to try out. I'd been dying over their collection and now I can honestly say they (and me) love it. This is just the boy stuff, their girl looks are beyond!

Sidenote: I was given clothes from Tea Collection and in the spirit of full disclosure I thought I'd share. I never post about content that I don't personally endorse. For me to share I have to know that you will like/love/want the items that I'm posting about.  Not to fret, I won't lead you down the wrong path!

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Luvs2dance said...

I just love these 2 little boys!!! They are looking super cool, in their new diggs!!!