April 29, 2010

Love it :: Found.

Tonight is the opening of a new local store called Found, it's the new baby of Dan and Kristin Alber of Domestic Bliss fame. Domestic Bliss is one of my favorite local stores so I can't wait to see what they offer at Found.

Opening Night Thursday, April 29th 6-9pm
166 West Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201

I don't think I'll be able to make the festivities tonight because the husband is working late and I don't really think it's a kid party. Boo! So you should go, and if you do have fun and tell me all about it!

{Found photography by Allison Tyler Jones}


Tara said...

oooohhhh....I want it all! I love stores like this. Heaven. It's so industrial. I'm lovin' industrial.

Domestic Bliss & FOUND said...

Missed you!~ Can't wait til you can come and play!