August 10, 2008

This is going to be me...not pretty!

Beware this could be me before you know it.

Let's just talk for a minute about my weekend. Pretty much perfect until last night. You know on Friday how I was all "woo hoo" well today not so much. We had yummy dinner Friday night at my brother's then Saturday I drove to Tucson for what seemed like a super promising girly trip. My sister and I went to lunch, read magazines, then did the requisite chick flick Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (cute by the way). After the movie we decided to stop by the groc to get stuff to make dinner. At the check-out I thought it was really weird that my debit card wouldn't work, I had just gone to the bank before I left so I thought maybe my strip was bad. So we got home I made dinner for her and her roommate then I remembered my card so I made a quick call to the hubs and there it was...$322 charged at some random Walmart. He quickly called the bank to stop the transactions but before we did it there was another for $450ish again at Walmart and honestly who knows how many more there might be pending out there since my card didn't work...scary!! Of course they had to go to a Walmart right? Figures, not to mention I just know they bought a Wii because my sister just got one and it was exactly $322. I don't even have an effin Wii (again highly would recommend one they're super fun) so I'm sad and mad. Monday should be fun checking our credit, cancelling cards and trying to get the whole money thing straightened out.

I know pity parties are lame but I can't help it.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand?? You had your card with you?? How did they use it at Walmart?? Or did they take your card?? That sucks! I am sorry!


Courtney said...

I totally feel your pain! 2 weeks before Christmas someone got a hold of all of my debit information AND my cell phone number. I got a call on my cell asking me to "verify" all of my personal information. I, of course, didn't answer them and immediately hung up and called my bank.

Yep - unauthorized charges had gone through. I had to cancel my debit card right before Christmas, which was probably the most infuriating part.

It's such a pain to go through all the steps and waiting time for everything to get right again. I'm so sorry this happened to you this weekend and hopefully it will be corrected quickly!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Teen - Somehow the dirty, rotten criminals took my card number somewhere along the way. Sadly it could have been several different scenarios in which they got the info, scary huh? I suppose it could have been worse...wait though it's only Sunday maybe it is I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Thanks Courtney - I know such a pain on the weekend when I'm out of town. I can't even imagine that happening around Christmas, ick.

benson said...

We had our mail stolen from our box and along with credit card statements and other personal mail, the criminals took one of those mastercard/visa checks and used it to pay off THEIR balance...hello, stupid. They WERE caught--but we did have to freeze all of our accounts and alert the credit agencies. You feel violated and you want to kick these losers in life. Good thing you caught it quick--and good luck in your calls today.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Bensen - I'm glad to hear the rotten, dirty criminals that took your stuff were at least stupid enough to use the checks to pay off their balance, that's classic. Serves them right!!

The Invitation Lady said...

That is awful! Good luck straightening everything out!

SGM said...

You deserve a pity party--that really sucks, Sarah. I hope their damn stolen wii breaks!