August 19, 2008

No Monsters!

When my boys get scared at night and sometimes talk about monsters I always tell them that Dad and I don't allow monsters in our house so they don't need to worry. Since we are the highest of all high authority in their eyes they buy it with just a wee bit of caution so this sign might erase all doubts.

I think that it may have another purpose but for us it would be perfect!
{via Decor8}


Mrs.French said...

oooo...this would be helpful around the French household as we have been talking about monsters A LOT lately.

Sarah Danielle said...

My mother used to read me "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak... she said it really helped me think of monsters in a fun way in lieu of a fearful way... don't know if it would work at your house, but it worked at ours! :)

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Mrs. French - If I tell my kids that a sign says some rules they are bound and determined to follow them, thank goodness that's why I thought this would work like a charm.

Sarah - We have that book and often if it's read right before bed I think it's one of those monster brain triggers. Stinks because it's such a cute book.

Sarah Danielle said...

Ah, darn! Well I hope it gets better soon!

K said...

That is so cute!