March 11, 2010

Now these are cabinets

Every now and then I see one room and there is nothing that I don't like. This kitchen from Southern Accents is my idea of the perfect kitchen.

It's not just the look, I mean a white kitchen is classic and gorgeous but I really love the cabinets. They could be painted in any color I would still like them. There are so many other elements about them that I like, I love the glass doors, the nice wide drawers underneath, the open shelves on either side of the range, the closed storage on top and that there's a soffit above most of the cabinets. I loathe that space above cabinets, it turns into a gross dust collector. Now lets talk about the back splash, those shelves are adorable and oh so handy for those often used spices. Appliances, a cooks dream especially the range. And well a chandy in the kitchen that's just icing on the cake.


Lavender and Lilies said...

I agree. That kitchen is perfect.

Sarah said...

I also thought this was a great kitchen. I liked the way the casual looking table contrasted with the formal chandelier. The chairs remind me a lot of elementary school art room chairs. Are you getting that at all?