March 6, 2010

Fred's + yummy candles

Today I had a shopping day with my mom and grandparents and for lunch we decided to eat at Fred's in Barney's Scottsdale.

It was yum and not crowded (why, I have no idea) so I will now be making it one of my new lunch spots. If you're local you should go. The service was great which is always a make it or break it for me.
While I was there I fell in love with the Modern Alchemy candles History Lesson gift set. With fragrance names like opium den, dia de los muertos, speak easy, ex libris and boston tea party they all hint at their perfect blend of warm, spicy and not too sweet.

1 comment:

ashlina said...

sounds fun...

i need some new candles..gotta check those out.

happy weekend.